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If there ever was such a thing as a sure thing, Excapade Sushi seems to have hit the nail squarely on the head with its full repertoire of Japanese Cuisine. Helped by Brunei’s seemingly insatiable appetite for Japanese food, Excapade Sushi turns 6 in March 2008 with its humble beginnings at what is still a cozy outlet in Kiulap.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see in their new menu, scheduled to make its appearance sometime in December. Being a great fan of Japanese food myself, the opportunity to shoot what may be the most-read menu in the culinary business today was incredible!






Excapade Sushi Menu © Jan Shim Photography

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Equipment info.
The images were captured on Canon EOS 5D and EF24-70mm f/2.8, EF100mm f2.8 Macro lenses. Lighting by two Speedlite 580EX flashes fired into two 32″ studio umbrellas triggered wirelessly by Canon ST-E2.


  1. Man, I can’t wait to see this on the menu, and tell my mom “I know the guy who shot these!”, hehe. =D

    Absolutely in love with the first shot, is it the cod fish? it’s my one of my fav dish dude! an intense gaze on it make me drool.. xD

    Also in love with the 5th and 6th shots, those shot from top. =) Yummy.. =D


  2. I am not a Japanese food fan but although I have been dragged to Excapade too many times, I have never been excited about perusing the old menu as very few dishes appeals to me.

    And I hate to admit this but I am now tempted to try that dish in the first picture.



    That photography is so f’ing beautiful!! I stumbled unto this site from

    ‘Noid, your photography rawks! but I wanna MARRY the cook.

    what? he might be a dude?



  4. hi there, i want to inform your office that one of your staff keeps on bothering my husband. She was my husband’s EX GIRLFRIEND,and until now shes bothering us.

    This is not good. My husband just ignore him. I want to put an action on this matter. Her name is JEM.


  5. I don’t want to ruin the reputation of the restaurant.
    I want to put an action on this..
    Her name is JEMIMA MARTIN,currently workin at excapade sushi in Brunei. I don’t know her so well,but my husband keeps on tellin me that this woman is bothering him,even callin at my husbands office.


  6. Hazel,

    In case you haven’t realized even after posting 4 comments in two days, this blog has no affiliation with Excapade Sushi Restaurant other than a photographer—client association when they hired me to shoot their menu.

    This is not the place to air your personal grievances (which is no longer private as a result of your posting). I have notified the owner about your incident and he’ll look into the matter. Please stop using my blog as your personal shout box. At this stage you’re not banned from posting comments here but if this persists I will not hesitate to take appropriate and remedial action.

    Thank you.


  7. Thank you so much. I only had 3 comments at your site. She ( JEMIMA MARTIN ) used my name,posted this message- “tumigil ka na..” She’s really like that. This will be my last message at your site. You have a good site. Good luck. Thank you again. -Hazel


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