Trail Running with the Insta360 X3

With zero experience in shooting videos, never owned a GoPro before much less a 360° camera, I took the plunge with the Insta360 X3 for a once in a lifetime family trip abroadlater this year.

Took the X3 out for practice filming my trail run at Bukit Silat and was so impressed with the incredibly smooth 5.7K 30fps video. Quite the learning curve coming from over a decade of working with DSLR, editing video files sends me right back to the beginning of a steep learning curve.

A December to Remember Elevation Challenge 2021

Last year end, together with a group of like-minded trail runners, we signed up for the Buff Epic Ultra Trails of Penang virtual race that required participants to complete 40km trail distance with a total elevation gain of 2400m. This year, I created the #RememberDecember2021 challenge as follows:

Commercial photographer, recreational ultra trail runner and cyclist