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Excapade Sushi Party Pack @ Jan Shim Photography

It’s been a Japanese cuisine week on SHIMWORLD and I’m ending the weekend with a Sushi Party Pack from Excapade to supplement the other dishes for my daughter, Jewel, who turns 8 next week. The week leading up to the weekend had been franctic—the usual juggle between appointments in the Brunei capital, the dreaded commutes, the weather, delivery of HP Emblem prints, children’s report day that I couldn’t attend in favour of work, the National Business Conference and a birthday weekend.

Post processing of the NBC images are unavoidably put on hold for two days whilst I’m in BSB for the weekend as laptop LCD suffered an untimely defect–a six year old Inspiron 8500 which has until now been a companion of sorts and has travelled to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, some more than once. With Dell’s extended warranty programme, the 15.4″ LCD gets replaced next week (Tip: buy your Dell computers online and be sure to include their Next Business Day support at just a fraction of the total cost). No other computer company in Brunei dispatches an engineer to your office or home!

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