Brunei Darussalam


Those of you who periodically stay at The Empire Hotel will have undoubtedly  seen and appreciate the hotel and its surroundings from every conceivable angle from the ground up. I thought I had seen most of what Empire has to offer including the Emperor Suite until I came to realise that appreciation isn’t necessarily about what’s right in front of you but rather its beauty from a distance.

empire-ligong.jpg© Jan Shim Photography

At times, we need to take a few steps back to see the big picture. In this instance, it was a few floors up at the Waterfall Wing and captured the landscape of the Li Gong pavilion.

8 thoughts on “LI GONG. A VIEW FROM ABOVE.

  1. A higher vantage point! Your picture left me disorientated. Left me wondering which building the other roofs in the picture belong to. Nokia N95 8GB! Miles ahead of what I have—I shan’t even mention it (retreats in shame!)


  2. I think Wu Chun did introduce this hotel in one of his Taiwan documentary show. It looks beautiful in this photo.. So quiet and peaceful. Oh my…..

    Well taken shot, Jan!


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