Largest Japanese Restaurant Chain in Brunei Opens Outlet in Miri, Sarawak

Quoting my Facebook post:

“After years of speculative yes, no, maybe, Brunei’s largest and most popular Japanese eatery Excapade Japanese Cuisine has officially opened in Miri, much to the delight of loyal and insatiable Excapade sushi and sashimi fans in Miri, maybe even across Sarawak.”

“When I first saw this place, I fell in love with the view” — Michael | Owner

The following selections are my favourite shots of the new Excapade Miri establishment

Thank You for Your Postcards

Since my Please Send Me A Postcard post from over 4 years ago, I have received box full of postcards from family and friends who traveled the world and took time out of their precious holiday itinerary to buy and mail me a postcard or two. It’s not the easiest thing to do, I know, to find a post office or a willing hotel reception when you’re overseas. Which is why I also tell them it’s not necessary to find a post office if one is out of convenient reach — pass them to me in person or if you live overseas, as do some of the cards I received are from, mail them from your local post office.

The address to send to: JAN SHIM . P O BOX 2 . SERIA POST OFFICE . KB1933 . BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

I collect postcards regardless of whether they’re stamped or not. I’m happy to reciprocate with a postcard from Brunei if you would like one (just leave me your return address on the card). I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with the cards once I have a lot of them but I welcome any ideas you may have.

Received this glorious sunset postcard from a Bukit Shahbandar hiking buddy from East Malaysia who visits Brunei from time to time.

Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Sea’s Amazingly Grand Dining Hall

On 6th December 2013, two weeks before my first Mount Kinabalu climb, we took a family cruise vacation on board The Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Sea in Singapore.  Pictured here is the Mariner’s main restaurant that spans three decks and features a music-themed design. Each of the three levels has an appropriate musical name — Deck 3: Rhapsody in Blue, Deck 4: Sound of Music and Deck 5: Top Hat & Tails). I traveled with my trusty PowerShot G11 and brought along a 5D Mark II with EF 17-40mm lens for wide shots. For this shot alone I am glad I packed the 5D. Fast forward to present day, it’s been one and a half years since the cruise and there are pictures from our trip I haven’t found the inclination to share. I have however found the time to share these ones on Facebook.

Main Dining Hall on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Sea Cruise Ship. Amazingly grand.

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