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Last night, the Embassy of Japan celebrated the 74th Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan at the International Convention Centre. Taking a much needed break from post-processing several thousand images from a recent Chinese wedding and realizing that it’s year end and I had passed on several other Embassy invites, my wife and I drove from Seria and overcame the horrible downpour that just the night before had flooded several part of the Brunei capital. With poor visibility, the thought of turning back sprang to mind but the thought of disappointing the people whom I had promised of attending was too compelling.

The evening’s gastronomical event was catered by a number of Japanese reastaurants, one of which was the unmistakeable Excapade Sushi, a recent client for whom I photographed their new 2007 2008 menu. 🙂

emperor-001.jpg emperor-005.jpg

This specially flown in King crab brought back fond memories of Japan’s famous long-legged crabs at Dotombori Arcade at the Shinsaibashi street.

emperor-007.jpg emperor-006.jpg

On our way out, the Japanese Embassy handed us a gift that consisted of a fantastic Ikebana 2008 calendar, Visit Japan Pocket Guide, Explore Japan and a Discovering Japan magazine that features Origami (“Art for Everyone–Folded Close to the Heart of Japan’s Cultural Heritage“)

emperor-008.jpg emperor-009.jpg

On page 8 of Special Feature are folding instructions to make a Samurai Helmet. Using a piece of gold paper from my daughter’s Origami kit (her recent birthday present–what are the odds of this happening within a week?) and made my very first Origami Samurai Helmet in decades!

© Jan Shim Photography

The instruction adds, “if you use a sheet of paper as big as a newspaper to make the helmet, you can wear it and pretend to be a samurai.” Now that’s an idea for all you HEROES fans!

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