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What does a popular and successful Japanese restaurant have in common with a global computer software giant?

Without a doubt, Excapade Sushi is Brunei’s leading Japanese restaurant when it comes to popularity and affordability. Microsoft on the other hand dominates the world operating system by a wide margin and continues to gain market share. Two household names Excapade and Microsoft with more things in common that I originally figured.

© Jan Shim Photography

Both Excapade Sushi and Microsoft Brunei are clients of mine for commercial photography including Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) for Functional Emblem events.  I live in Seria, the heart of the oil and gas industry in Brunei Darussalam and nothing is more prominent here than the presence of BSP. Naturally, majority of businesses in the Belait district are oil and gas-centric and with a significant number of expatriates living here, Excapade Sushi brought Japanese cuisine to Kuala Belait, much to the delight of many—the number of people who turn up for a Japanese meal day after day, night after night, just amazes me!

microsoft-excapade-2.jpg microsoft-excapade-1.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

It’s no coincidence that Excapade KB is the only branch with a yellow carriage and SHELL logo. It’s a strategically correct thing to do as much as Microsoft Brunei’s interest. Earlier this evening, I took my wife and kids to Excapade and personally delivered a Windows logo sticker on behalf of Microsoft Brunei. Momentarily stopping the train to apply the sticker hardly distracted patrons where all but a few were curious to see what was going on! So, if you wondered about the new addition to the train, now you know how it got there. 🙂

© Jan Shim Photography

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4 thoughts on “ON COMMON GROUNDS

  1. Interesting. One of a kind.. you prob can’t find that anywhere else in the world? haha.. next time I go back to KB I will have to pay a visit.


  2. haha I remember i was pleasantly suprised to see the train of sushis lead by a Shell vessel during my summer internship last year. strange that i haven’t been there this summer, now i need to give them a visit to see this!


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