Of Skin and Flesh: Japanese Take Out.

It has been a wet morning not the same morning that I woke up to. At 7.30 am the sun was out and at the time it appeared we would be blessed with a good day. How wrong was that first impression considering the morning glow got me thinking about a swim but the sudden downpour at around 10 am pretty much dampened that plan. How ironic that rain would ruin my swimming plans! Trapped at home, I slowly worked up an appetite for Fried Salmon Skins and Salmon Sashimi, two of my favourite items at our local Japanese eatery, Excapade. 

Fried Salmon Skins & Salmon Sahimi © Jan Shim Photography

And fried salmon skins and salmon sahimi I had. Preparing for this shoot was, how shall I put it, torturous. I really wanted to eat instead of fumble with camera equipment and presentation that you see here. Up until the moment I discovered fried salmon skins this idea of additional revenue from discarded components of the salmon sashimi never crossed my mind but it turned out to be a good one and has become something of a delicacy to me.

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