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  1. When you took that picture of me in Kuala Belait, i really thought … oh no. not like this. and i am not ready to take picture…. And guess what? You took it and deliver it to me via my email, i was so surprised. Really beautiful i have to say and i recieved a few good comments on that too. I quickly post it in my blog and i just can’t stop looking at it and imagine that you’re always there infront of me taking that shot.. again and again.. Thank you .. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.. (


  2. Hello greeting from Los Angeles. Yes i do love it so much. Amazing how you did it. I can’t believed that it would turn out to be really beautiful yet simple (sort of au natural). Important tu for Zura (i sound so vain but thats the truth about the beautiful picture taken especially by you) …I must say Amazing… everytime i see it, i said Amazing….


  3. Dear Jan Shim:
    Hello, I don`t know whether I can submit successful?
    because I post this by web proxy !
    Just let to know , you`re awesome and kindness!
    As fan of Chun I have read “Wu chun in the zone!”
    Thank you for sharing Wu chun`s pics~
    I have also seen your else pics in your gallery which are pretty beautiful ! I like them!
    I have to say when I saw your food pics the day before yesterday, I went to eat Japanese Cuisine with my friends at once yesterday.

    welcome you to Beijing ~
    Taking photos Beijing 2008 Olympics ^_^

    sorry my english so so, please allow me to say chinese


    Thank you very much ~~~!

    xiaoyue 小月
    Beijing . china


  4. Hey my friend, you getting famous in China and Baidu for this Wu Zhun photos.

    Good shoot!

    Keep it up.

    I still updating my blogs…but not write daily…tried to write more and more, my life, my dream, my photos and many others…

    Sorry for my poor English on my blog, so sometime I rather type in Chinese…but will be a bit slow anyway…


  5. Hello,

    I found your site a few months ago by a link from and I think your photos are AWESOME! for lack of a better word.

    I also think it’s great you’re from KB cause I was born there although my parents brought us to Bandar to settle down, we still commute to KB two or three times a month on weekends to visit family. I totally understand how tiring the travelling part can be cos my mum used to do that everyday for a year as she was transferred for work there.

    Hey, you should hire someone to drive you to Bandar and back if that can solve the fatigue part of the problem. It won’t solve the time bit though.



  6. Hi Jan,

    The photos you took are amazing. I’ll recommend to my husband to take a look as he’s interested in photography too. I recommend a trip to Hokkaido in summer. We were just there and couldn’t take enough pictures of the lavender fields, hot springs etc. Plus the weather was fantastic at 23’C during the day. After leaving Malaysia in 2000, we stayed in Tokyo and Singapore and now Hong Kong, so your shots of Tokyo brought back lots of memories.

    Anyway, good luck with website and when I have the time, I’ll contribute too.



  7. Hi there..

    This is the first time i checked out your blog..good stuff, classy, touched me in some instances and liked the wit you showed in your narratives..



  8. Hi Jan

    Firstly, thank you for offering to answer queries as a professional photographer, a trait which i think is very much appreciated by people who want to learn more.

    i am currently on a nikon system. i understand you shoot on a 20D platform, and uses better than average lenses. but i find ur pictures impeccably sharp and colours vivid. isit because of equipment? or u have a general post processing workflow that improves the images? moreover u said u shoot with 10-22 most of the time, i have a 10-20 sigma, the images does not come out as sharp, colours as vivid. i normally shoot at f8 in daylight.

    for most of shots which include the sky, i also note that the skies seem very well defined and the presence of clouds vivid. do u use any filters ?

    for portraits, do u use a telezoom (maybe70-200L) to achieve depth of field instead of prime lenses? as an event photographer, which will u recommend?

    thank you for taking your time..



  9. Hello Jan..

    Your shots and narratives capture the expressions and soul of the subject! The angles from your lens are definitely aesthetic! Well done!

    Lily Chiam


  10. Dear Jan Shim,

    Greetings from Canon Singapore.

    Thank you very much for updating us your news and sharing your photos that we found very interesting.

    We look forward to working and sharing your works with us some days.

    Best regards,
    Roland Poon


  11. Hello Jan,

    Happy summer to you.

    I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how much I have enjoyed your site lately. I liked the piece about fathers day. This was the first one I had spent without my dad. He passed away only 3 months ago, and I still miss him a lot. I also liked the stuff about the 20D and the grip. I don’t have a grip for mine, but it was a good piece.

    I do hope all is going well for you and your family. I have been busy with a wedding I did before I went away, and getting a wedding book together for the bride. My son graduated from High School last week, and we had a big cookout and all for that.

    Summer moves rather fast around here. We have a German exchange student coming to be with us in the fall for a year, so we are getting ready for her also. She is the sister of our “other” German daughter that was here 3 years ago. She is now back in Berlin at university.

    Well I just wanted to say hey, and let you know that I do appreciate your piece about my book. I am glad you got it, and hope you enjoy it.

    Take care……

    mike patterson
    hanover county public schools


  12. Hello there Jan,

    Dont know if you remember us.. You took pictures for us during our first anniversary which we were so happy about by the way. This August would be our third year in the business and we plan to launch a new drink and food menu to keep up with the demands of our customers. We propose to launch a more attractive menu which will include beautiful photos of the food and drinks we offer.

    After browsing your website I was very impressed with your photography and would like to request yourself to take the pictures for us.


    Irwyna Idris
    Twelv Cafe and Restaurant


  13. Hello

    I ‘ve see your web site by JAlbum.

    I am painting and drawing for pleasure, and i would like your permission for drawing and painting some of your landing about china issute of your photo.

    Sorry for my english i’m french.

    You make a very and beautyfull work


  14. I do really appreciate your email, Mr. Jan

    It’s really nice blog!

    I will share your great blog with our president and colleagues.
    Really thank you so much for your support.

    Joe Matsumoto
    Matsumoto Yasuhiko (ex.3586)
    Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
    CII Professional Business Development Dept


  15. Hi, Mr. Jan
    At first ,I must tell you that my english is not very good,so

    perhaps there are some mistakes,so don’t care about them.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures here,these pictures are very

    excellent espically some took in fitness zone and Wu Chun~~

    I think you must know I am a fan of I am very enjoy

    these pictures.

    So, at last, thanks a million.


  16. Hi Jan, still in Singapore? i still admire all your work, eversince you did for the Crown prince visit in MASHHOR up to date. You deserve to have somethin better than this, Jan. The recent photos taken by you, are the most mouth watery which i have never felt before. like the Bruneian said, macam banar ani wah gambar nya. Hehehe… anyways, i do believe in you and all the best Jan!


  17. Pixelpost is Windows only (mac user), and I don’t have a definitive understanding of what the commitments are to use WORDPRESS commercially. Jan explained that the .org versions are for commercial applications, but does that mean for sales and collections online, or does it also apply to marketing the studio through conversational pieces similar to Shimworld? I don’t care much about selling from a blog site, having learned over the past two years that online sales isn’t all that great a tool.

    In looking around, I learned that Apple’s iWeb provides blog pages, but the use looks pretty limited. I also played with MacJournal but have decided it won’t do what Jan has done with Shimworld, which I really like.


  18. I’m your visitor from Izmir,TURKEY. I just want to express that your works and photos are the best i have ever seen. All photos are great and have real emotions. I cannot express myself completely!


  19. Hi Jan – Greetings.

    You unsurprisingly have been doing some amazing work and are becoming more n more famous – proud of you.

    If you have a bit of time pls visit our “new” website and would certainly apprec yur honest professional comments.

    Take a look at our Australian Packages and the Medcial Pckg and Inbound sub-sites. We have not officially launched it yet as this is an online booking tool and pax can book online but there are still some unfinished work and hope to launch it asap.

    So far we are gettign some rave reviews esp among the expat community. But I am sure we can still improve further. When are you free to have a chat over lunch or in KB office ? Pls let me know. Tks


  20. Hi Jan,

    Incredible work. Very inspirational. 🙂

    I was looking through your blog and (besides your work) really love how you frame, sharpen, and size your pictures. Do you have an helpful hints for a photographer just starting out? I feel like I’m struggling with resizing and framing my images. Are you doing a stroke on your image with a slight drop shadow?

    What width do you use to resize horizontal and vertical? What dpi do you use?

    Thank you so much for even taking the time to read this. Off to soak in more stunning pictures from your site.



  21. Excerpt from KB Happening’s SOI HENG AFTERNOON RENDEZVOUS

    Thanks Jan for the credible insights to our realistic world after our three hour meet.

    Now, let’s shine the spotlight on Jan. A vast difference to his serious blog personality. Humorous , laid-back and not glitzy as portrayed in his pictures. A jovial person, definetely the person to spend a lengthy coffee-session with. huhuuu

    Well for the rest, Jan said it all.. heheee



    Dear Jan,

    Thank you so much for your condolences and sympathies for the victims of the tragic fire in KB. Our hearts go to the families of the deceased and survivors. We deeply appreciate the outpouring of prayers, messages, kindness, generosity and contributions, in cash and in kind given by the Filipino community, Bruneians, St. John’s Church, expatriates and friends. We thank the invaluable assistance and close cooperation of the Police, Fire and Rescue Department, Labor, Hospital authorities and other government agencies.

    As we Filipinos would say it, “Maraming Salamat Po.”

    Sincerely yours,



  23. Did you know there is a new cool and intimate new sushi place in Rome which offers high quality Japanese foods for eating or take-away, and offers great hand-made cakes and free wifi to all customers?

    I am running this just as a test as I know the owner of this sushi place and wish to send him some free promotion via your new service. Since traffic is very moderate now on the referenced sushi blog I want to see how much of an impact a small social link campaing like yours can produce. Very curious.


  24. Dear Jan,

    Thank U very much for your excellent write-up and those impressive photos. Well, we think U have said it all in your articles. We hope that Pelangi De’ Mutiara Tourist Square will be a true treasure in Brunei where the tourists will be able to relax, enjoy n bring back home something with them for a wonderful memory of Brunei Darussalam – “A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures”

    THANK U again and U should come back n take another shot of the aeroplane with the under-carriage fully exposed. We will give U a glass of our Iced Lemon Peach Tea (on the house) while U wait for the right timing.

    Cheers & best regards,

    chris & inju

    p/s – come by anytime (opening hours) for a cup of cappuccino!!!


  25. Hi!

    Me again. I was just wondering. Remember how i said ill be buying the Canon 40D camera? I actually didn’t.. it is too expensive for me right now. But I am in a dire need a good camera. So I am planning on buying the new Canon 90 IXUS camera. So do you recommend any other camera? should i buy this one.. or… meh? haha

    The reason why i like this Canon is because of the screen and aesthetics. Plus its a canon. But … what about the others.. AH! im so confused about which one to buy. I still have a couple of weeks to think about it.. (im buying one after my SATS exam, as a treat! :))

    Illegal Self


  26. The reason why i like this Canon is because of the screen and aesthetics.

    Screen and aesthetics? Sounds like you may not be ready to embrace the concept of photography yet. I was under the impression you are ready to take the next step by going DSLR to have control of your photographs. I’m not sure how a camera’s “looks” is going to impact your photographs.

    Instead of the “new” Canon 90 IXUS, you’re better off with a Canon PowerShot G9. I’m not even going to check out the specs of the IXUS but you should take a look at the PowerShot G9 specs. For one, it has the ability to capture in RAW on a 12 Megapixels sensor and since you’re into “screen” size maybe the G9’s 3.0 inch may be appealing?


  27. Hola:

    I’m new to blogging, both on WordPress and in general. I came across your site while looking up information on Creative Commons in the WP Forums, where you’d posted abt Copyright issues. Thanks for shedding light on the topic.

    I think your blog is really well laid out and designed, and will be something I will check out now from time to time, both for inspiration and as a guide for ideas, etc.

    My blogs are at and I will add you to my blogroll!

    Any thoughts on the Monotone theme for photos?

    Have a good day…


  28. Hi

    Rubbish, domestic rubbish is everywhere on the roads, in the jungle, on the streets, and the parks in Brunei.

    How about a photo shoot of all the domestic rubbish littering Brunei. Is there such a thing as looking after our environment in Brunei?

    Rubbish = bad image for the country for the tourist. Can you please raise the awareness of this problem.


  29. anonyjw

    I came across your site while looking up information on Creative Commons in the WP Forums, where you’d posted abt Copyright issues. Thanks for shedding light on the topic.

    You’re most welcome but you should also know and I hope you realise that those are my personal thoughts on the matter of Creative Commons. I’m not an expert nor do I claim to be one on such matters and I think there’s more to the subject that meets the eye. If you have specific needs you should consult them directly.

    Any thoughts on the Monotone theme for photos?

    Well .. while this theme is designed to be photography-centric, it’s fine I guess if you’re the type who wants to let your photos do all the talking. BIG isn’t always better and this was my initial reaction when I looked at the theme specs: 840 pixel width means the image is considerably larger than what i current use: 470px (MistyLook theme maxes at 500px). Call me paranoid but I’m thinking Monotone has just become a new source of image banks for thriving photo thefts!


  30. Michael

    Rubbish, domestic rubbish is everywhere on the roads, in the jungle, on the streets, and the parks in Brunei.

    Each day tens of thousands of commuters on our roads look at the sorry state of our environment. Authorities can only do so much to maintain cleanliness while litter bugs continue to be a social menace. However, add littering to the list of social ills such as smoking, motoring and traffic violations, it’s obvious which is the lesser of the evils.

    Cleaning up after the fact does not address the problem at large. Laws against littering were introduced on May 15 2005 and since then I’ve only managed to locate news about foreigners being detained for the offence. The fine, according to the article is B$500 for each offence. Has this changed since then, I don’t know.

    Brunei detains Indians for littering

    How do you catch someone in the act of littering? Perhaps launch a campaign that empowers shutterbugs to catch litterbug in the act? This can easily become the country’s best photo competition. Relevant authorities may consider rewarding the photogs on a regular basis and the images to be used in their ongoing campaign against littering. Community service is one thing, suitable motivation ensures a successful communal commitment to this campaign.

    How about a photo shoot of all the domestic rubbish littering Brunei. Is there such a thing as looking after our environment in Brunei?

    Of course there is but it’s virtually impossible to police the culprits. I know for a fact that students in Chung Ching Middle School where my children attend have done a remarkable job at educating children about proper disposal of rubbish. I know this because the other day I crunched up a small piece of paper I no longer needed and my 10 year old son said he wouldn’t have been allowed to do that in class as the teacher would insist that they dispose of that immediately. But life’s like that, as we grow up how much of what is and has been fundamentally right gets practiced as distractions later in life begin to erode their basic instincts!

    Rubbish = bad image for the country for the tourist. Can you please raise the awareness of this problem.

    Your decision to make this known here has done just that—create awareness!


  31. Hi Jan, just started reading your blog as of today and found it interesting. (lots to say bout that) ;).

    Anywhoo….would like your assistance or input on how to be able to send faxes with a laptop using mobile phones as the modem. Been to some shops and spoke to technical support personnel of those shops and was unable to come up with a solution.

    Several websites that i visited as well were of no help.

    I own a nokia E90.

    » Comment moved to NOKIA E51. FINALLY IT MAKES SENSE.


  32. Hi! am maricar from the philippines.


  33. Delighted to share an email I received from BOBOLEE blog. Real smooth dude …

    Mr. Shim,

    I’ve taken the liberty to award your blog with a “Brillante Weblog Premio” award.

    I really enjoy looking at your pictures and I’ve been able to learn a bit through your photos about Malaysia, Brunei and the Far East.

    I don’t know if you really need the award (as you really come across as a renowned accredited photographer), but I just wanted to commend you on doing a great job taking great shots.

    Take care. All the very best!

    SHIMWORLD. Photoblog of Jan Shim, citizen of Brunei and of the world. He takes excellent wildlife shots, and his blog’s a portal to the Far East for me. — Jude Williams”


  34. Hello and Good day to you sir!

    First of all, I like to wish you and and your family good health.

    I am a fond reader of your blogs especially your pictures. Every single picture you took is amazing. I am not a blogger (…yet) nor a pro photographer (…yet). But I am embarking into it soon.

    I am hopeful if you could spare me some advice in photography. I do not own a DSLR but planning to get a Canon 50D. I do own a Canon Powershot G7 and it has been with me for 4 years. I think I can handle some basic techniques learnt from magazines such as Digital Photo & Practical Photography.

    My queries are:
    1. I don’t want a kit lens for sure and I want a fast lens that I can bring it everywhere. The Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L seem good but do you think it is worth that money so that the lens could last you decades?

    2. What lens do you bring everywhere and always use?

    3. I’m also fond of your macro work too. Do you always use a lens hood on your canon 100m f/2.8 lens?

    4. Do you always keep a filter (skylight or uv) on to your lens? (for protection?) If so, what type/ brand?

    I’m hopeful to here you reply and lastly… Keep Up the Good Work!

    Thank you


  35. Hello Shamsul,

    Thanks for your support. It’s much appreciated.

    Canon’s theme for 2008’s product launch “Destined Evolution” seems to say it all. Though that tag line was more or less intended for the 5D Mark II and whatever other model that follows, the features found in the 50D is … quite evolutionary. Who would have thought they would put “Micro AF Adjust” in the semi pro bodies but am glad they have done so … the ability to calibrate focusing problems yourself is just godsend.

    You may know this. The xxxD and xxD bodies have a sensor crop factor of 1.6 so any EF or EFS lens that you attach to it yields an additional 1.6 X the focal length. The EF24-70 f2.8 lens is a fantastic lens to have and Canon has or is releasing an IS version of that lens which would make it even more usable in low light where shutter speeds belows too slow to normally achieve a reasonably sharp picture. On a 50D, the 24-70 becomes 38.4-112mm which is fine if you’re not going to be doing any group photos .. 38.4mm is too long and with this increased distance, you inevitably lose light and focus of your subjects if you know what i mean. The 24-70mm on a full frame 5D for example is very useful .. at 24mm it’s wide enough for most type of shots while 70mm end is somewhat short. For the 50D to get anywhere close to 24mm you’ll require an EFS 10-22 ultra wide lens .. for a non L lens, this is pretty good.

    There is no such thing as a ONE lens for all purpose and my favourite body lens combo is the 5D and 70-200mm f/2.8 IS. You may have read about my choice of lens for birding being the 20D and 100-400mm.

    For the 100mm Macro, I’ve always liked the idea of a hood because it offers protection as I explained here.

    For lens filter, as my working lenses are all L and happened to have the same ring size of 77mm, I only have Canon’s PROTECT FILTER on my 24-70mm, 17-40mm, 70-200mm, 100-400mm. I think I have a UV filter on the 100mm Macro .. been on it forever that I haven’t bothered to look.


  36. Hello Jan!

    Nice pics on the birds. Especially during their flight. Sharp images of the bird. Did you need to pan a lot for these type of photography?


  37. Hi Shamsul,

    I think as far as birds-in-flight shots go, it starts off with a focus lock on the subject and right after that as the bird takes off it’s all panning (camera in AI SERVO mostly). Percentage of keepers depend on a number of factors eg contrast, accuracy of camera tracking and user ability to keep birds in viewfinder the entire time. The images aren’t always sharp but when you nail it right, they mostly are keepers to reasonably good ones.

    I, of course, have a number of challenges when shooting birds. With the 100-400mm and 20D, I have a maximum reach of 640mm and very often that’s barely enough to get a really good shot without risk of scaring off the birds. Another factor being the camera. The 20D doesn’t exactly have killer AF for this sort of work compared to the 45-point focus of the EOS 1D Mark II/III series. But I like to see how far I can push the 20D and 100-400mm lens for this sort of shoot as I hold the belief that photography needn’t be complicated. Until such a time I discover the limits of my equipment, I think re-ownership of a 1-series body isn’t in my immediate future.


  38. hi Jan, been awhile i didnt drop by. Great shots on d NBT events. love the WB on the pictures. Oh before i forgot, my gf send her regards to u. She said u used to be her neighbour in KB.

    since im here already and since ur one of the best photographer in Brunei i would like to seek help from u in choosing a good lens for covering a wedding ceremony. currently im using 400D & 50D. comes with the my camera is 70-200mm f/2.8 & 50mm f1.4. what i need to know is, what is a good lens to get after those to lens if im about to cover a wedding?

    ive been thinking of getting either one of these lenses – 16-35mm f2.8, 24mm f.14L & 24-70mm f2.8. im slightly confused on what to get. some say get 10-22mm rather than choosing 16-35mm due 2 d crop. but i wud miss d natural lighting when they are around.hope u can help me out here Jan. i guess thats all for now. will write in if i got few more question to ask. thanx in advance 🙂


  39. Thanks Sudiru,

    I’ve moved houses a few times between KB, Panaga and Seria and the time I actually lived in KB has been a really long while back. Nonetheless, it’s good to know a happily-ever-after union is in the works. 🙂

    I’m be right back with my thoughts on your lens question as soon as I have a chance to soak up the BSB morning sun and my planned Sunday activity. Have a good weekend.


  40. Back after one of those weekends in BSB and lived to tell the tale. Or not! Now, you should know that I don’t accept many wedding assignments—not Malay weddings, not Chinese weddings, not any other kind of weddings (perhaps someday I’d like to shoot an ethnic Indian or others rich in cultural tradition) because I feel it’s the one photography genre that makes the least commercial sense at least in Brunei. But that’s another story for another day.

    So you have two equally cropped bodies. I wonder if you have plans to move to a full frame body anytime soon or sometime in the future. You have most of the focal length covered and what you’re missing is an ultrawide lens and this is where the EFS 10-22mm comes in. I have the 10-22 and 17-40 and comparing IQ between the 20D+10-22 (16mm wide) and 5D+17-40L (17mm wide) I’ll go with the 5D any day. But this does not mean the 10-22mm isn’t a capable lens. For your immediate needs I’d go with the 10-22mm. When I visited Hong Kong in 2007, I traveled really light and went with just my 20D and 10-22mm and ended up with wider-than-life memories of the trip (I think I brought along a 28-135mm too but hardly used it).

    My personal favourite is the 5D and 70-200mm because it suits the way I shoot. Give the subjects some breathing room and be prepared to capture journalistic moments when the bride and groom engage with one another or with their family and friends. 70-200mm on a cropped sensor is way too long for me and at that distance you risk being cut off by someone who isn’t aware of you composing a shot and invariably stands in the way. Assuming you’re shooting Malay weddings and having seen just how tight venues often are, I’m not so sure how useful a minimum 112mm (70mm x 1.6) is.

    The question of 24mm prime versus 24-70mm. As you may already know, prime lenses give you best IQ any manufacturer is able to offer but there’s always the practical side of owning one and the frequency in which you can ‘practically’ use a prime. I don’t know much about the 24mm but I have the 24-70mm (as most people do) and found this lens’ macro capability is very useful in that it allows me to get fairly close to objects for an art shot.


  41. full frame body?i did wish that i can own a FF body in d future..but for now i think i’ll stick with the crop body first.who knows in d next 3-5 years more full-frame body will be produce by mighty canon.

    ive tried to take shots using d UWA 10-22mm using my office lens and it works like a charm. d only reason why i choose 16-35 was to get the natural lighting with the 2.8. but when i think back & after reading ur replies here, that 10-22 would be d right choice.about that 24-70, it will be sitting in the wishlist for now.

    thanx for your time replying & helping me out Jan. btw i saw a very cute puppy hehehe


  42. Hallo…this site is interesting and all the pictures are very nice….I like it very much…

    By the way, can i ask you where can i find canon crumpler eos neck strap in Brunei??…


  43. You have a wonderful blog! The photos are so real, as if I am there in person.

    You are obviously very talented. I also like how you organized your pages and content, everything is clear and user-friendly. I found a great little widget here – the translation. I looked up your code and made myself a similar one. How useful! I have family and friends all over the world, and some don’t speak English. Thank you so much for the idea!


  44. Hey
    First of all I must say the photography is AWESOME… I have not had a chance to look at a lot of stuff but whatever I have seen so far is amazing.
    I read a comment you had posted regarding the social networking site buttons. You said that you could create your own buttons. I was wondering if you could help me out cause i have been struggling for the past 3 days without any luck..


    1. Thanks footieflu.I got the rather unique black social network icons from and the only one I “created” is the FourSquare one as I couldn’t find one I needed at the time. I then downsized them to 50 x 50 pixels before uploading to WP and linking them in a text widget. Most of the customization has to do with image editing to get the button to look identical to the rest of the buttons. As you you didn’t specify what exactly that you needed help with ie availability of social buttons or the script to align the button, I hope this is useful so far.


      1. I did get the icons but I don’t really know how to link it up from my blog to my profile pages… If you could direct me that would be really great.
        Thanks Jan Shim


        1. This is the script that aligns the buttons side-by-side. I decided to email you the HTML script after I couldn’t figure out how to show them here without them showing up as icons. On the Enterprise theme, the sidebar width takes 4 buttons of that size before the 5th gets pushed to the next line. Play around with the script and replace them as necessary I think it’s easy enough to figure out. All the best.


  45. Hi,

    I came across a thread for the enterprise CSS and was wondering if you’d be willing to share your CSS code? I’m trying to build a portfolio website and fear I bit off WAY more than I could dealing with wordpress CSS as opposed to basic website css.

    I REALLY like the format of your website (mostly the header) and didn’t know if you’d be willing to share whatever CSS you had that made the main image at the top with just the categories below it. That’s all I’m looking for code wise. It looks really sharp and unfortunately my brain has turned off on how to accomplish it!

    Please let me know!


  46. Hi Jan,

    I’m an Italian journalist working for ReportMedia, an Italian press agency which works with the most important Italian weekly and monthly magazines. I saw on the web a your shooting about the cupping practise. I’d like to propose this new to Italian press and I’d want to know if you can send me some high resolution to propose the story. However we can keep in touch for this and maybe other stories, let me know.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Kind regards
    Mario Catania


  47. Your page is incredible! You have obviously done a lot of work on your page. (Did you do custom coating to the Facebook, Twitter icons?)

    Is there a theme that allows you to have such a large picture at the top? Also, how did you make your menu buttons like that?

    I am just really impressed. You have inspired me to begin working on creating a banner image. Thanks!


  48. Hey, my name is Kristian from Germany.

    I just found your website and saw lots of nice and beautiful pictures. my compliments. I really like the Top Banner Picture of you sitting in that hall. It almost looks like an illustration or painting. Is it some kind of photoshop/illustrator effect?

    Can you tell me how you achieved this effect or do know of you have any Tutorials? Would be very cool!


  49. Hi,

    My name is Amit Chhetri from country Bhutan. i really admired your pictures from your Facebook updates. i recently bought Nokia D5000 from Bangkok and i am learning to take pictures like you do..

    Will share my pictures day i think it is worth your eyes. — Amit Chhetri | 30 Aug 2010

    Thank Amit and hello from Brunei.

    If you hadn’t dropped in, I would not have known about the Nokia D5000. I wish you a fruitful journey as you discover the world through your viewfinder. While you’re learning, don’t forget to enjoy yourself.


  50. Nice blog, man. My nephew is really into photography. So, I’ll be sure to point him to both this blog and your Facebook page.

    Two questions, if you don’t mind:

    1. I notice that even though this is a WordPress.COM blog (as opposed to WordPress.ORG) you were still able to include a Facebook Like button that works as it should: When clicked, it doesn’t open a separate blank page with just another Like button that needs to be clicked in order for the Like to be processed. (I hope that was clear. lol)

    2. That header image is incredible! How did you accomplish that? Was GIMP involved? I’ve had it on my computer for quite a while but only just started learning it. (It’s interface is kind of intimidating but I keep hearing it’s just as powerful as PhotoShop in many respects.)


    1. Hi there!

      If you look at some of my earlier posts, you’ll notice a “Like and Share” button at the top and a real Facebook Like button after the post. The top one does as you described (opens a separate page etc) as that was “retrofitted” to work like the real one BEFORE surprised us and gave us one (the one you see at the bottom). Since then, I continued to include the top one because like it or not, it’s more visible and not everyone minds the extra clicks as long as the desired result is achieved. So yeah, WordPress exceeded my expectation when they released that.

      Not a GIMP user. Not a Photoshop user either. I went against the “pro” grain and preferred Corel’s Paint Shop Pro X3 for my image works. Much user friendly, a hell lot cheaper without the excess baggage of PS and best of all, PSP X3 runs majority of plug-ins designed to work with PS with few exceptions. The effect was achieved using Topaz’s Clean plug-in.


      Can I trouble you, your nephew, friends and family members to vote for my photography entry in the Oakwood Photo Contest Click on Photo no. 6 and fill in the details. Advanced thanks for your support!


      1. Oh we would love to vote for your photo but the only problem is that, if I understand the competition rules correctly, it’s only open to residents of Asia and none of my friends or family are from there. I actually live in Barbados (the most easterly of the Caribbean islands – where the pop singer Rihanna’s from). I don’t think any of us even know anyone from Asia.

        Nevertheless, thanks very much for the information regarding the Like button and how the header image was created. The Topaz Clean plug-in looks very useful.

        Incidentally, the photo you entered reminds me of our east coast, except that in Barbados the sea on that side is usually quite rough.


        1. Incidentally, the photo you entered reminds me of our east coast, except that in Barbados the sea on that side is usually quite rough.

          The photo was taken at the very popular island of Langkawi in Malaysia during an 8-day invitation by the Malaysian Tourism Board earlier this year. For more of my photo journeys abroad, check out my Travel page. You can read about the four images I entered and have one shortlisted for Top 50 I think is pretty good odds.

          Shame about the voting but I know something you can do for me that I would appreciate very much. Send me a postcard or two from Barbados to add to my growing collection from all over the world. 🙂


  51. From Nisa Halim on Feb 7, 2011

    Your photography is just superb! I am awestruck at how amazing they are! I wish I could do what you do, but I leave it to you to show how awesome this world looks like through the lens. Prosthetic eyes, love them!


  52. From Ellen Moshier | Designing Main Street

    Hello, Your blog looks AMAZING! I know this has nothing to with your subject matter – but how did you get the icons to come up at the top of your blog to Email, Twitter, and Facebook?

    I’ve been trying to copy the codes from Facebook into a text widget and it’s not working. All the forums seem useless and I thought I’d just go straight to someone who has it “going on!” Great blog!! and thanks for any help you might be able to provide. i saw your name in a forum so I’m hoping you can understand the trouble I’m having. Thanks!! — Ellen | 12 May 2011


  53. Hi
    I am enjoying your site. I found it from an answer you had posted to another member’s question and you suggested he look at your Flag counter. I use it but am having probs with the counter disappearing on and off from my page. I thought you might be able to answer a question or two if you have time.
    1) should the counter itself be in my list of posts? I was going to insert the code in my sidebar but then took the easy way and hit their auto button for wordpress. Maybe that is my problem? Then when it started disappearing I figured I could manually enter the code and thought it would go in some ‘custom’ spot on the bar, but dumbly could not figure out how/where.
    2) any suggestions for me?
    3) I see a lot of folks are asking you similar questions. Sorry to add to your burden. or


    1. Hi there. The flag counter is designed to be used in the blog sidebar like how you see it on mine (probably needs to scroll up). I don’t know if it’ll work when the code is inserted in a blog post. I don’t see a reason having it there in the first place. The Flag Counter code should be inserted into a Text Widget on your blog’s sidebar. Try that and see if it works. Good luck.


  54. Greetings from Penang, Malaysia!
    I’m a Filipino blogger based in Butterworth for almost 2 years now.
    I’m glad I found your site.
    Your photography and blogging are awe-inspiring!
    I subscribed and definitely will religiously follow your posts and tweets. 🙂


  55. Hi Jan, i enjoy your inspiring site. Can you share what is your setting for the Canon Speedlite 580EX II for night portrait and for the camera (if using 5d mark ii). For my other camera 50d, I have no problem because it has the night portrait mode. What I got with my 5dm2, the picture of the persons appear bright but the background is dark, it is just the opposite of what i got with my 50d (both the people and background are sharp and both are not dark).



  56. Hi, great blog! It helps me a lot. Now, could you help me a little bit more? Do you know where a I find the Canon 5D MkII superimposed display to buy? Thanks.
    Carlos Kiffer – Brasil


  57. First I have to say a big thanks to you about helpful of this topic to me. I had this problem with my 5D mark II a month ago and i did’nt know how to fix it. I’m from vietnam and and totally don’t trust Canon service in my county at all.
    With your help now I can clean my forcus screen very easy, but like your topic guide, dust also in “the superimposed display” of mine. I tried my best to understand how to detack those shims but I can’t.
    I know that it quite impolite but can you make a short video to guide me how to detack those shims (i can’t find any video guide about that on youtube). I thinks it’ll help me and many others.
    Thank you for reading this with all my gratitude


  58. Bro… i love it all!!! I was personally googling how to add the fb and twitter connections to my new site.. and I saw one of your posts that popped up out of nowhere.. its probably from back in the days when you were getting your site up, and asking the same questions! I went through your site.. its beautiful!!! and your journey has been awesome! My name on fb is xalaros nik, and my site is Im not done yet.. but getting there.. its about taking people on spiritual journeys and showing them the depths of life 🙂 Much love! you inspired me! thank you! 🙂


  59. want to buy different types of coffee …… please help me how can I buy coffee from you …. I want 10 bags of every kind …. I’m from Saudba Please email me via email
    1. white coffee white coffee
    2. Coffee coconut
    3. Mokatcheno ( coffee with chocolate )
    4. Miciato
    5. latte
    6. Altramiso (Coffee herpes Malaysian )
    7. Sphl Black Pro ( similar to the Americans Kofi )
    8. coffee with ginger
    9. Coffee Toffee
    10. Cappuccino


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