Brunei Darussalam


Last night, in anticipation of today’s holiday, I suggested to my wife that we should have an early dinner so we could drop by Excapade for salmon sashimi and fried salmon skin. That part about having dinner early was OK but I made the mistake of a quick nap only to wake up this morning at 6 am!! Having slept 11 hours didn’t leave me feeling all that rested as I’m used to staying up late enjoying the best remaining hours of the day.

© Jan Shim Photography

 I discovered the word brunch as early as primary school but I only discovered just how simply delicious fried yam are two years ago when I was with my client Pehin Lau at his farm house in Labi. During tea, we were served farm fresh yam from his garden and was introduced to the way they’re supposed to be eaten—dipped in light soy sauce and a helping of finely chopped garlic—the combination of saltiness and garlic tang gave the shallow fried yam a much needed flavour.


  1. I learnt a thing or two today about Akismet spam filter. Your comment with the #1 and #2 were filtered as SPAM but good thing I caught it. Today is a Muslim holiday in Brunei, the Awal Tahun Hijra 1429, the new year of the Muslim calendar.


  2. Hey Nonnie, hello from LLRC. Am taking a break from two sessions of badminton while my partner is playing with another friend. This is OFFICIALLY MY FIRST blog comment from my mobile phone. Don’t ya just love technology that gives us increased mobility and staying connected from one hot spot to another?

    Speaking of trademark or signature sauces, i’ve often wondered about their laksa sauce and also KB Hing Nam Fong’s laksa sauce too.


  3. I normally order my cucur keladi at LLF with the rojak sauce… sinfully delicious! Heheh! But I’m liking the idea of soy sauce and garlic to go with it too! Breath mints need to be close at hand though.. haha


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