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Continuing from my earlier post Auctioning To Make A Difference a follow-up comment from the Panaga Helps Haiti & Chile Committee yesterday made my day:

What a beautiful piece of work Jan I got the honor to see it myself last Saturday at the event. You should consider having an exposition of your work, a bigger size does these images so amazing much more right! You’ll fall in love with them all over again (I know you hesitated a moment giving it away, after you first saw it framed again…). We got a lot of enthusiastic reactions on your piece in the auction and it shows in the final bid, $550,- fantastic! Thanks to you and all the other people involved we managed to raise over $23.000,- total, and there are still donations coming in! Thank you so much for your contribution.

I went to the fundraiser with just one lens—the EF 50mm f/1.4—and unlike my usual client missions this afternoon was going to be light. Together with four photographers committed to supporting Panaga Help’s mission, we lived the Haitian proverb, “Men anpil chay pa lou” which translates to “Many hands make the load lighter”. There are no good or bad pictures just one big picture!

“Many hands make the load lighter”


Visitors at the fundraiser checking out the Majestic Kampong Sungai Bera Sunrise piece at the silent auction where potential bidders take their time to appreciate the art piece before they make a decision.


panagahelps-002 panagahelps-003 panagahelps-004

The spirit of giving as a child offers his lollipop


A short video presentation on the Haiti & Chile disaster sets the mood

panagahelps-006 panagahelps-007 panagahelps-008 panagahelps-009

A ride on a Harley Davidson just one of the exciting items up for auction


The book corner a popular intersection for conversations and book sales

panagahelps-011 panagahelps-012 panagahelps-013

Scene from the Live Auction where serious off-the-cuff bidding takes place


The palm print board is incredibly popular with the kids who cannot seem to have enough.

panagahelps-015 panagahelps-016 panagahelps-017 panagahelps-018 panagahelps-019

This toddler is perhaps the youngest to have her palm print on the board much to the enthusiasm of mommy.

panagahelps-020 panagahelps-021

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5 thoughts on “ONE MISSION ONE LENS

    1. Just got back from Taipei utterly tired. Just wanted to see what you have been up to and these b&w on the 50 1.4 tells a beautiful story of togetherness for charity.


      1. Thanks. Speaking of Taipei, I still haven’t found the time to process my Taiwan photos from February. But I’m not complaining, being kept busy is probably a very good thing—it distracts me from feeling hurt by all the issues that are happening around the world today.


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