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On the morning of April 14, 2010 I brought the auction piece to Sunny Frame Maker to have it mounted and framed. Shortly after my arrival, a client of Sunny’s walked in carrying her adorable little princess in one hand and two rather large photo frames that were anything but light. I soon learned that they were A3 prints and she needed minor adjustments made to the mounting screws. The prints were home made straight out of the Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II (I own an iP 6700D so I’m aware of the print quality) and they were gorgeous. Along with this I also learned her name was Sarah (assuming this is the correctly spelling).


I’ve lost count the number of times people have told me I have a dream job.When I look at the niche that Sunny has carved out for himself, he’s living the dream—he’s living my dream! He doesn’t need to commute long distances like I do a high 90% of the time. We do however have similarities—he works with RAW materials and I work with RAW files, occasionally. 🙂 So, one thing led to another and Sarah and I hopped from one photography topic to the next but the one thing that struck me (and I think I am destined) was the A3 printer. The timing seems right and with the continuing trend of downsizing of digital labs today, it’s getting increasingly more inconvenient to get images larger than 8R printed especially when I’m seriously considering getting into fine art print sales.


Sarah, if you happen to catch this post, thank you for walking in at precisely the right time! I wish you all the best with your photography endeavours, equipment growth and parenting 🙂


8 thoughts on “THE MORNING I MET SARAH

  1. Jan, after the `Sunrise’ saga and the positive feedback from all quarters, you should seriously consider holding an exhibition of your work and selling your prints.


    1. The recent turn of events (Penan charity, Panaga Helps and meeting Sarah) has been positively encouraging and I’m leaning towards investing a printer that can handle professional quality A3+ prints.


  2. Hey Jan! Indeed ‘Sarah’ is the correct spelling and the Princess is called Lily! (i also call her my princess!) A great blog of our meeting, hope to catch you again sometime! 🙂 How did the auction go?


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