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A thank you note & post auction update:
The silent auction went incredibly well and closed with a final bid price that exceeded my expectation—B$550.00!  Congratulations to the successful bidder and to fellow photographers Gavin, Radhi, Azri, Bryan and Ken I’m thankful for your support and enjoyed our first coffee session at Zuki Cafe  which was a trip down “forced induced” memory lane among other things. To Bibi who was unable to join us due to fever, take care and I hope you feel a lot better today 🙂


This Saturday (April 17, 2010) I’m auctioning one of my favourite landscape art pieces at the Panaga Helps Earthquake Fundraiser event. This photograph was captured with the EOS 20D from the vantage point of my kitchen balcony in Kampong Sungai Bera, Seria on 19th March 2009 at precisely 6.43 am. As described in the Auction Catalogue this piece is printed on 12″ x 18″ Kodak Professional paper (actual size is smaller due to slight cropping), elegantly mounted and framed exclusively for the event. Many thanks for your messages and support on Facebook—they’re much appreciated 🙂

Event Programme | Auction Catalogue A theme appropriately selected by Liesbeth for the auction, this sunrise piece represents the new dawn
for the earthquake victims of Haiti and Chile as generous donations pour in from all over the world
to help rebuild their lives. © Jan Shim Photography

The finished frame measures 27″ x 23″

An email I received from Panaga Helps committee in as early as February 2010 prompted this and without much hesitation other than a delayed reply I am delighted to be a part of their humanitarian effort.

I got your name from Mr. Dols. In search of your e-mail address I came across your website. Wow, I’m really impressed with your work, now I am almost afraid to ask you but I’m giving it a try anyway.We are a couple of volunteers living in Panaga, very much heartbroken by what happened in Haiti and we are trying to set up a fundraiser for the Haitian people, helping them to rebuild their houses and hopefully their lives again. There will be international food stalls, live music, kids activities, a fun quiz with prices and an auction. We are very positive that offering your service will contribute in a big way!

Would you please think about this and let us know? I know it is a lot to ask.

Kind regards,
Liesbeth de Leeuw
Panaga Helps Haiti & Chile Committee


    1. Thanks Violette. The auction piece is now at the school in the hands of the Panaga Helps committee. It’s an extremely hot day as it has been for a while. I visited the school interior for the very first time today and liked what I saw—an environment that inspires and encourages learning unlike the environment that we’re accustomed to growing up. I’m quite certain the ambiance of the school plus the fund raising activities is going to be great.


  1. What a beautiful piece of work Jan I got the honor to see it myself last Saturday at the event. You should consider having an exposition of your work, a bigger size does these images so amazing much more right! You’ll fall in love with them all over again (I know you hesitated a moment giving it away, after you first saw it framed again…). We got a lot of enthusiastic reactions on your piece in the auction and it shows in the final bid, $550,- fantastic! Thanks to you and all the other people involved we managed to raise over $23.000,- total, and there are still donations coming in! Thank you so much for your contribution.

    Panaga Helps Haiti & Chile Committee


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