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So I put my supposed blog-posting hiatus on hold for a good cause—to promote Noah Jackson’s art and his commitment to environmental conservation efforts through photography. I believe great photography inspires and changes lives in a positive and meaningful way and I’m privileged to have met the artist whose efforts I can identify in a small way with the PENAN greeting cards. Many thanks to Hans Dols of Panaga Natural History Society for the invite!

…. the money raised from your greeting cards has enabled us to get a Dell desktop for the three Penan girls we sponsored for `Diploma In Nursing’. They have to share one for their course work and we are trying to get another one for them. Thank you. — Violette Tan

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Other great  photographers I’ve met in Brunei include Kris Boutillier and Don Gurewitz (2)

Noah Jackson, man on a mission at Panaga Club Teratai Room

Forest Voices provides tools and training for sensitive forest and agriculture communities, documenting  knowledge and management through photography, video and participatory methods. This gives communities a voice to create a future that reconciles differences and maintains hope and health to keep forests, farms and communities thriving. — Noah Jackson | Hope in Light

Early guests checking out Noah's fine art pieces
Noah Jackson reads out a testimony from an associate
An opportunity to own Noah's art pieces for a small fee, guests pick out their personal favourites
Photography enthusiast Leytzher Muro picks out 'The Elephant's Eye' while checking out more of Noah's work. He attended Louis Pang's Shoot Like A Pro workshop at the Empire Hotel earlier this year.

A picture of me and a guest captured by Gavin while Noah sets up his laptop for the presentation

About Forest Voices
Forest Voices is a new environmental NGO with a mission to document the ecological knowledge of communities living within and adjacent to primary forests. Our core team includes Noah Jackson, Photographer cum Forest Community Researcher; Lesly Leon Lee, Videographer and Visual Storyteller; and Mohala Santharamohana, Writer cum Projects Coordinator. Using participatory research methods and building trust, Forest Voices documents activities such as gathering and harvesting wild foods, and collecting plants and seedlings, to emphasize the value of the forest environments to the communities who use them. By respecting their local expertise on forest management, we provide a vehicle for communities to share their understanding of forest environments. In light of development and diminishing natural resources in Malaysia, Forest Voices is helping to document knowledge that will lead to a more sustainable use of the world resources.


  1. are you related to the artist who painted negro life during slavery I was in the art business many years ago and came accross this painting and was intrigued by it…I ve tried to reseach it… let me know… maybe before photography you painted some things….


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