Brunei Darussalam


I am so sunburnt and after 9 hours of shooting in the hot sun three days ago, I am not one or two but several shades darker, short of an uncomfortable peel. Lexus Brunei flown in a creative director from an ad agency in Singapore with whom I had an opportunity to work on a series of Lexus models at an undisclosed location in the Brunei capital. Over 900 of hand-held 5DII RAW files and nine hours in the sun meant I went home sore and looking like a lobster with an uneven tan :O. The image below is my personal rendition of the IS 300 (not a preview of the finished ad).


This week is filled with back to back activities. There’s the RanoAdidas 6th Anniversary celebration in the Brunei capital which I couldn’t attend due to work commitments (congratulations Rano). Then, there’s the Panaga Highland Games 2009 in Panaga Club, an event I hadn’t planned on going but ended up going anyway but only stayed long enough for tug of war and running events. Quite the scorcher and if I stayed on, I think a peel would be unavoidable. The last time I came across this many British flags was at the Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla visit.


Loved the energy of the coach! I can still feel the vibes …
“GO!!! We’re being photographed, we cannot lose!!!” 🙂


  1. I love the car pic too!!! Flag of English sounds very familiar to HK people….”Long live the Queen” but we miss Princess Di much instead 😛


  2. The HSBC ad struck me and made me ponder. Not just about the promo, but about life and such, and what I have been doing all this while.

    Hmmmm….my life is half empty and there’s so much ahead that awaits me.

    But looking at the ad got me curious and I went into the website. I like the promo actually – if I don’t get charged for the Powervantage Plus account with just a minimum savings balance….this is good for me…and the unit trust idea sounds good.

    Well, give me some time this month or next. I should be knocking on your doors with my savings.


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