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Your picture and the way the light and shadow play with the sky and the water, make the nodding donkeys sexy and mysterious! And that is why I want to use it.


A month ago, the marketing manager of Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV in the Netherlands contacted me about an image they’re interested to buy. They are a dynamic heat exchange solutions company with clients in very diverse markets such as power, oil & gas, chemicals and so forth. She explains that their present website looks outdated, too technical and above all lacks appeal.

The new website (which will be launched at the end of April, beginning of May) will be more sexy and modern but most importantly, it will clearly indicate what it is that we do, which is provide dynamic heat exchange solutions. This means that we can not only produce big heat exchangers, but more importantly we have knowledge and experience in processes and systems.

I would like to use your picture of the nodding donkey for the submarket oil. The agency that we are working with is getting their pictures from Shutterstock, however this database simply doesn’t have such beautiful pictures as the one you took. Most pictures of nodding donkeys are portrayed in a sort of dusty windy surrounding which makes the atmosphere rather desolate and wild wild west. Your picture and the way the light and shadow play with the sky and the water, make the nodding donkeys sexy and mysterious! And that is why I want to use it.

The new web page of Bronswerk Heat Transfer incorporating the nodding donkey backdrop

This photo dates back to 29 January 2008 at 06.49 PM captured using the EOS 20D/EFs10-22mm lens. The trouble with having shot so many pictures over the years is the inability to locate them without a DAM setup of some sort. My heart started to sink when faced with the reality of almost not finding the imageβ€”locating one image or even one folder of image from 4.5TB of storage is really living the “needle in a haystack” nightmare. Through perseverance I eventually found the image and averted disappointing a client. Bottom line is, I feel this image has the elements of good feng-shui and I hope my client enjoys auspicious success when they launch their new website.


  1. Jan, there’s a quote saying :

    “You might have seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly, but I bet you ain’t never seen a donkey fly” β€” Shrek 2001

    Your donkey is in the air on the way to Holland πŸ™‚



  2. Good job, Jan. This is really good as stock photos. Many people and businesses will benefit from it for sure. I am selling stock images too but mostly illustrations. My dream is to sell valuable photos soon with focus on concept ads, IT and emotions, but before that, I must have a camera and learn the ways.


  3. haha, I have never known nodding donkeys can be described as “sexy” and “mysterious” but surprisingly, your shots somehow do portray such an image – haha, perhaps not sexy and mysterious but they definitely did catch my attention. Awesome shots!!! =D I like. I like!!


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