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January 2 is the universal day of chaos! Holiday’s over and it’s back to school and work we go. Apparently a freelance  photographer like me, no exception. I have parenting duties when I am not hauling my backpack from venue to venue. Year after year without fail, sorting out the kid’s school books is a near nightmarish experience. From not being informed when there would be a book sale to sold-out text books to  who knows what’s next … utter chaos!

On the way home from school, one of our regular vegetable seller happened to be doing some work so I dropped in to say hello. Located just 10 minutes from my house, this garden is managed by  a couple who like many in this trade has been in business for years. Neighbours can opt to get their vegies right from this farm or at the designated tamu (open market).

vegetables-003.jpg vegetables-004.jpg
vegetables-007.jpg vegetables-006.jpg
All images © Jan Shim Photography

Back to school also means back to greens for the kids. It’s increasingly becoming a trend that many kids including my son Jamie aren’t getting enough greens in their diet. They are great at coming up with excuses not to eat them (pretending to puke is a classic!). It’s an on-going battle to get him to eat his vegies and apparently this is a well documented problem with kids.

In a kampong (village) like ours, the community is close-knit and there’s easy and convenient access to farm fresh vegetables any day while imported variety such as brocolli, mushrooms are available at our local supermarket.  

13 thoughts on “FARM FRESH GREENS

  1. I agree, great pics!!

    Returning to the veggies, I wish I could step into my neighbours’ yard and buy some just harvested veggies. My local market is even more expensive than the supermarket (shouldn’t markets have more convenient prices?)

    It depends how you cook your greens, if you just have them boiled, no wonder your kid doesn’t eat them….not very tasty. Try some olive oil a a bit of onion or garlic depending on what you are cooking in a pan…..put the veggies in, add some salt and the taste would be delicious….you could even try pasta with broccoli for example, or pasta with courgettes….


  2. I agree with Rome on his method of cooking veges!
    Honestly, i love veggies and i cannot comprehend how one does not eat them!! Broccoli’s the best! I love them with mushrooms!!! Try frying them like what Rome suggested… I am starting to drool over veggies now… haha


  3. Whoever said blogging was a waste of time must be green deficient! It has brought the world closer and in this post, unite in one healthy colour – green (at the same time showed reminded me how ‘veggies’ is spelt)! As a photographer with a passion to cook, I love how different kinds of vegetables help make a dish interesting and tasty either on their own or when combined with other veggies such as caesar salad.

    My kids reluctance to eat more greens perhaps stems from our failure as parents to introduce and convince them the benefits of veggies rather than not cooking them properly. I know for a fact (source: Reader’s Digest article) that kids in general have a problem with veggies in their growing-up years and I think the survey includes both Western and Asian kids too.

    That said, many of the greens we buy here are of the Chinese variety and they are cooked with customary choice of sauces ranging from Oyster, Abalone, Fish and so forth with sufficient use of salt, MSG, along with chicken or beef stock as enhancements. In short, our veggies are nothing short of tasty yet kids remain adamant to even try! They need a good jolt of what life is like in third-world nations where food is scarce and survival large dependent on people’s contributions!


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