Climbing Mount Kinabalu Ranau Trail

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Photos: Canon PowerShot G5 X and Samsung Galaxy Note5

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Our mountain guide was a young, patient gentleman who let us take our time descending from Low's Peak with a view of the iconic South Peak in the distance (second photo). And taking our time I did being the last one (not counting the other brave souls attempting their Via Ferrata some stones away) Compared to my miserably wet and depressing 2013 climb this one was godsend nevermind that the sun was up in full force and I was still moving snail pace soaking up the gorgeous, breathtaking but often nauseating (not a great fan of all things altitude) panoramic views owing to perfect weather. I took this rare opportunity to take as many pictures as my semi-numbed fingers could handle. πŸ“· Jan Shim Photography #mountain #mountainclimbing #MountKinabalu #malaysia #sabah #kotakinabalu #shimworld #fitness #sunny #landscape #photography #photographer #mountaintop #panorama #serene #cold #amazingborneo #janshimphotography

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