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From The Deli Takeout to Tasek Brasserie Dine-in at Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam

Continuing from my series of Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam posts this one combines photographs that profile the restaurant, staff and of course its service and food. The amount of equipment I dragged to the hotel to pull off this assignment (not just Tasek Brasserie but the other parts of the hotel) made it all worthwhile especially when working solo, your worse enemy is not working without an assistant but rather the challenge when faced with inadequate lighting — how do you have lights where it matters most at a whims notice if not for remotely triggered Speedlites and gels to match the ambiance. I’m presently working with 3 lights and I’m inspired to get a 4th for added creativity. For those who have enjoyed the Radisson Hotel series, there’s more as I move out of the restaurants to the lobby and exterior. Stay tuned!

Also at Tasek Brasserie: My Cappuccino Coffee Break | The Gryphon Gourmet Tea Experience

You would be hard pressed to find anything untoward about Tasek Brasserie’s lighting. I took some test shots of its ambiance and felt there were areas that could do with an additional lights — 3 Speedlites help light up areas that are usually unlit to give this composition detail that would otherwise be lost in darkness.

So loving Radisson’s Chicken Caesar Salad with Poached Egg

The Radisson Hotel restaurants are headed by Executive Chef Cameron Lawless who on the day of the shoot wasn’t available for a profile pic. Say hi to Riane Stubbs, Sous Chef, with whom I had the pleasure of working with for all the food and restaurant images featured in the Radisson series.

Also at Radisson Hotel: Fabulous Fine Dining at Deals Restaurant

Sandwiches: Chicken on Sour Dough
Sandwiches: Roast Beef with Horseradish Mayonnaise
Sandwiches: Roast Lamb with Mint Sauce (black pepper added for increased visual appeal)
Opera Cake – almond vanilla sponge with chocolate ganache and coffee butter cream
Choux Salamboo – double layers of vanilla custard and choux paste dusted with snow sugar.
Choux Salamboo with Strawberry & Plum as Garnish
Salads: Classic Potato with Seeded Mustard and Chives

From the Tasek Brasserie buffet station …

Delicious steamed Mussels with garlic to satisfy your seafood urges
Roasted New Zealand Lamb with sweet mustard sauce
At first glance, I mistook this dish for baked potatoes (I love them) but upon checking with the hotel, it’s Stir fried yam with black pepper

Page tweeted by @Radisson (click on image to view source)

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