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So Loving Radisson Hotel’s Chicken Caesar Salad With Poached Egg

So yesterday, 3 days to the Brunei Darussalam 28th National Day celebration, I returned to Radisson Hotel to finish off some work that were omitted previously — a different perspective of Tasek Brasserie and the Business Centre.

The idea for the brochure was simply an overview shot of Tasek Brasserie restaurant. As a chef was in the vicinity, I asked for 10 minutes of his time to pose for this shot. I quickly setup a Full CTO gel on a flash right next to subject while another across the room for ambient.
Shooting at the Business Centre took longer than I realized. Got this shot of the restaurant landscape out of the way before lunch hour. If you think this shot could do with people in it, I agree but unfortunately time was a luxury this time and client needed just this.

I wrapped up the shoot after 2.5 hours and looked forward to lunch at what has become one of my favourite venues to dine in — Tasek Brasserie (including DEALS of course). Now, I am not a big fan of heavy meals so when treated to lunch compliments of the hotel, I had no knee jerk reaction to head to the buffet table. Instead, I savoured the opportunity to go a la carte and enjoyed a light and delicious Caesar salad with the works. The last time I ordered one was at least more than 10 years ago and it wasn’t that interesting to be memorable. This one, however, is a different story — it’s very good, I’d go as far as saying I loved it and wanted more. I finish off lunch with the only beverage that made sense: cappuccino to wake the senses for my long drive home.

Tender roasted chicken caesar salad with perfectly poached egg sprinkled with beef bacon bits, crunchy lettuce and delicious dressing. Click on photo to view a larger version like you really want to 🙂

9 thoughts on “So Loving Radisson Hotel’s Chicken Caesar Salad With Poached Egg

  1. Yummy ! I shred my lettuce, cabbage and carrots fine with my BBQued Chicken and then toss with my homemade dressing and then sprinkled with a little crumbled packet Ramen or instant noodle packet.


    1. Living in Seria (an hour plus away from Radisson Hotel) the closest available Caesar salad I can get my hands on is Fratini Restaurant’s. I have for years considered it the best (still do) especially after they modified it with smoked salmon instead of chicken and naming it after my daughter: Jewel Insalata Di Salmone. I could toss the salad myself as I have access to the same quality lettuce they use but really the one ingredient that brings everything together is their dressing. Having ‘discovered’ Radisson Hotel’s finest I now have another place to go the next time I’m there for another out of town visit.


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