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The Gryphon Gourmet Tea Experience At Tasek Brasserie Radisson Hotel

If at first glance you thought you’re looking at a shisha or hookah appliance, you’re not alone. On the morning I stepped into Tasek Brasserie restaurant at Radisson Hotel to recce the location, I made the very same mistake — I just laughed it off upon realizing it’s an appliance for a broader, more conservative brew — premium tea.

Dedicated to all tea lovers in Brunei Darussalam and all over the world.

“The Gryphon Tea Company has been founded with a mission to make high-­quality, gourmet teas accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Founder Lim Tian Wee has long had a passion for fine teas. And it is a passion that he wants to share with the world. Gryphon is a tea company with a twist. We aspire to be a tea lifestyle company driven by the desire to present innovative gourmet food products to our consumers. Gryphon Tea is about delivering experiences and their associated memories. Each blend is unique. To me, each one also has a unique appeal and character. And of course, each tea is crafted with only the very best ingredients sourced from round the world.” — Gryphon Tea Company

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Reflections of Tasek Brasserie restaurant seen on this polished exotic looking water boiler.


Tasek Brasserie provides a comfortable atmosphere to sniff a selection of 12 loose tea leaves samples.
Fancy a pot of gourmet tea during or right after a hearty meal, select from a variety of premium tea leaves from Pink Rose Buds to Pomegranate Ruby (to name a couple), add hot water, sit back and relax.





6 thoughts on “The Gryphon Gourmet Tea Experience At Tasek Brasserie Radisson Hotel

  1. Experienced those tea. Yes it was an experience in how you have to brew them to drink them. They taste wonderful! Jan, you captured the “feel” and somehow expanded the reality because this is actually all just sitting on one corner table. You have made it like it is a whole cafe! Woo!


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