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The HP Emblem Night themed 60’s & 70’s Disco Night was my third Emblem shoot for the year and like the two previous events, this one was nothing short of colourful, vibrant and most of all, fun! “HP” refers to Hydrocarbon Processing but anyone at the event that evening could have mistaken it for Heavily Photographed as management, department heads and committee members were busy taking pictures with their own dSLRs—I was clearly outnumbered–Nikon: 50, Canon: 1 🙂

emblem-0071.jpg emblem-0125.jpg
emblem-0166.jpg emblem-0192.jpg
emblem-0562.jpg emblem-0596.jpg
emblem-0620.jpg emblem-0627.jpgemblem-0632.jpg
emblem-0757.jpg emblem-0833.jpg
emblem-0090.jpg emblem-0544.jpg
emblem-0854a.jpg emblem-0886.jpg
emblem-1756a.jpg emblem-0198.jpg
All images © Jan Shim Photography

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 5D + EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS | Canon EOS 20D + EFS 10-22mm
Group photo lighting—two Speedlite 580EX bounced off ceiling triggered wirelessly by Canon ST-E2 transmitter.


  1. What can i say more? You are really an amazing photographer!! i am so impress.. Hope we can have more pictures to see in the future again:) Cheers..


  2. Photographs are really great! Can sense the excitement and buzz from the photos you have taken. You must have enjoyed yourself in tat event… As for the cameras… i hate to say, i am a supporter of Nikon too…. hahaha… My digital camera is also Nikon and i have to say i am loving it to an extent… 😀


  3. @ sgdavid
    I’ve always had my reservations about relocating until I came across this article. Let the defence rest, I am ready to sway 🙂

    @ Jason Ong
    The HP Emblem, like the previous ones held at this venue, small is anything but cramped. If anything, there’s evidence that the folks at SHELL know a thing or two about pimping up the venue and making the gig intimate–giving the up-close-to-stage experience with the local band performance that rocked the evening!

    @ Jessie, Aku, Fotokew, IngSiang, Jaslyn
    Greatly appreciate yr comments and support. One of the reasons I enjoy the event and seeing that you gathered the impression too is that I engage another photographer whenever the situation warrants it. Less stress/chaos translates into more opportunities to be creative/artistic.


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