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Dramatic Sunset Boardroom Photography

I have in recent years photographed great number of corporate offices including hotels and their business centres. An example from 2012 is Radisson Hotel Brunei’s Business Centre and Boardroom. It’s not everyday I get an assignment to photograph a boardroom that features a 180 degree panoramic view of its surrounding and from the first floor. Trouble is, beyond the windows is a landscape of concrete buildings, workshops and general conditions of surrounding that are still under development — not quite the breathtaking views I’d imagined. Instead of the usual brightly lit pictures of the boardroom, I chose and waited for direct light at sunset to pierce through the blinds casting light rays and shadows for a dramatic finish.

Boardroom_2012Click on image to view larger version © Jan Shim Photography


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MAKE MINE A DOUBLE SHOT Weekly Column in THE BRUNEI TIMES bruneitimes_coffeebeanbsp_09042009 read this story on BT online

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf franchise which has for many years operated predominantly in the Brunei capital recently opened its 4th outlet right inside “L Block” of the Brunei Shell Petroleum head office in Panaga, Seria. The prices are generally about 15 per cent lower than that of the other outlets in Bandar Seri Begawan and business hours are from Mon to Sat, 6.30 am to 5.30 pm except Saturday (opens till 2.30 pm). This is of course good news for employees and contractors of Brunei Shell Petroleum whose first meal and drink of the day had until now been from the canteen. Read more …







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There’s something about celebrating belated Chinese New Year that seems so out of place especially since we’ve pretty much closed that chapter some weeks ago. Yet when it comes to banks celebrating this rich cultural tradition, it seems completely justified. More so when you’re saving the best for last, so to speak and Baiduri Bank Group delivered an exciting and very engaging evening for their Prestige customers  and business partners residing in the Belait District. You can tell that bank staff too were confident of a great night when the Hawaiian hang loose or Shaka is gestured not once …

… but twice in the same evening. Apparently, I got this from Wikipedia that Hawaiian locals used the Shaka for various meanings like “all right”, “cool”, “smooth” etc. Also known as the Aloha spirit, a gesture of friendship and understanding between the various ethnic cultures. In this case, emcee donning  a full traditional Chinese costume ushers in the Gong Xi Fa Cai spirit to a packed hall.

From hand gestures to auspicious symbol, the year of the bull warns of economic challenges for many while a lucky few may find it bullish. Those of you who are curious about your destiny can check out the 2009 Forecast by Ju Xian Guan. However, as far as the guests were concerned, General Manager Pierre Imhof, in his welcoming address “highlighted the major events that  have shaped Baiduri Bank during the past year.” [visit The Brunei Times for Mr Imhof’s remarks].






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The event was held at the Kuala Belait Chung Hua Middle School multi-purpose hall where in my school years, I played a lot of badminton and that evidently hadn’t improved my Chinese literacy. I was only there for two short but meaningful and life changing years (long story but if you wonder why, part of it is revealed somewhere in the comment of the Accidental Artist post. Thanks Dorothy for giving Gavin an opportunity get his feet wet at the event where many golden moments were immortalised and shared.

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