Brunei Darussalam

Dramatic Sunset Boardroom Photography

I have in recent years photographed great number of corporate offices including hotels and their business centres. An example from 2012 is Radisson Hotel Brunei’s Business Centre and Boardroom. It’s not everyday I get an assignment to photograph a boardroom that features a 180 degree panoramic view of its surrounding and from the first floor. Trouble is, beyond the windows is a landscape of concrete buildings, workshops and general conditions of surrounding that are still under development — not quite the breathtaking views I’d imagined. Instead of the usual brightly lit pictures of the boardroom, I chose and waited for direct light at sunset to pierce through the blinds casting light rays and shadows for a dramatic finish.

Boardroom_2012Click on image to view larger version © Jan Shim Photography


Brunei Darussalam

The Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam Business Centre and Boardroom

On the morning before this shoot, I ran into the General Manager at the hotel lobby and he had only few words for me, “Don’t make it too creative” for obvious reason, it’s a hotel and pictures need to be “appropriate for corporate use.” Few hours later, working right into lunch hour I produced this set to be rewarded with Radisson’s amazing Caesar Salad followed by a large serving of cappuccino.

All computers in the Business Centre now feature wallpaper of hotel’s facade from an earlier shoot.






Staff prepare the board room table with bottled water, glass and writing materials.
Three remotely triggered flashes were used for this shot mainly to balance ambient light and lift shadows. I turned the seats at an angle to add a bit of personality. Carefully positioned lights bring out the moire patterns from the seat upholstery, adds character to an otherwise mundane shot.