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One of many everyday things that we take for granted—road signs that seem harmless to you and me—is reported to disappear in Atlanta. I picked up this news when researching online for the origin (if at all possible) of the MEN AT WORK signs which in today’s generation of political correctness bias, the opposite gender has become extremely sensitive to references that do not portray equality or neutrality. I suspect the sign may have first appeared in construction sites where (as you guessed it) mostly men (and also women) worked. What I unearthed and quickly got distracted by the discovery was news that the MEN AT WORK sign is going to be replaced with more appropriate signs that read WORKERS AHEAD in the name of discrimination, according to the Telegraph and AJC. Check out the comments from readers some of which are just plain hilarious (free speech at its best?)

© Jan Shim Photography ← MAN @ WORK

I took this picture recently at a construction site in Seria not for the purpose of this blog post but I happened to be taking pictures for a supplier of one of the construction materials and this sign looked , well, interesting against the semi-corroded backdrop. Clearly a sign of the times! As for the lady who’s adamant about taking the case beyond Atlanta, I’d say where there’s a (political) will, there’s definitely a way!

3 thoughts on “CAUTION MEN AT WORK!

  1. While it was funny, I find it that some people just like to take things a bit too far. People need to loosen up, its just a sign.

    And yet this same person will probably not mind a guy picking up the bill after a dinner date, heck she may even expect it. Where is the equality in that?! 😛

    *rant rant* *grumble grumble* 😛


  2. Well, variety (and diversity) are the spices of life! Who knows how far she may succeed in her cause, we live in a global (almost borderless) community where one’s action quickly generates a lot of reaction from communities everywhere.

    I don’t think a dinner date bill is nearly quite the same as league as far as public properties go. I mean, if political correctness takes precedence in who pays for a dinner date, that’s opening a huge can of worms doesn’t it? Then people will insist that the meal gets paid by the woman and the food to be cooked by a (just as qualified) female chef working in a supposedly male dominated kitchen .. it never ends.


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