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After the very recent and exhausting Toyota Classics Vienna Operetta Orchestra shoot, I was supposed to leave the equipment in the dry cabinet for a much needed rest as I have more than a handful of images to review then the inevitable happened—succumbed to long awaited opportunity to see how I would fare attempting to freeze the fast-paced and unpredictable game of badminton. So this afternoon, I setup a remote flash (for directional lighting) about 90 degree to the where I had positioned myself in relation to where I expected the subject to appear. The shuttlecock picture below was metered with the remote flash providing the necessary backlit for this effect while the green walls that line the hall  helped provide contrast to the white feathers.

© Jan Shim Photography

I find the lighting below a little on the harsh side. I uploaded this picture for its composition—a  peep of “DIVISION 87” through his yellow jersey opponent.

© Jan Shim Photography

I had previously shot a series of photographs of some friends in a fairly heated game at ISO 1600 in order to obtain a decent shutter speed that barely froze much of the action. The result? Not only were the pictures then lacked excitement or appeal, the green cast made the subjects look sickly. Judging from just a handful of keepers, I had discovered what I had just suspected all along. That, an infra-red flash trigger has limits that got in the way of freezing a fast-paced game but also hampered opportunities to shoot creatively. However judging from these, I would say with a good degree of certainty that there’s potential for better shots!

© Jan Shim Photography

3 thoughts on “TAKING IT TO COURT

  1. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for writing an informative post that I will appreciate in the near future. I m starting out photography and I must say there are so many things I’ll have to learn such as contrast, anticipation, composition and one of the hardest thing, lighting. I can never take a great action photo. But i guess i’ll find out eventually how-to 🙂



    1. Hi Thompson,

      I often tell people, much to their surprise, that DSLR photography is
      a big can of worms. Photography in itself is a steep learning curve
      and many have a false sense of belief that a DSLR is the end of their
      photography problems when in fact it’s only the beginning 🙂 I wonder
      how many discovered this too late and give up before they give
      themselves a chance to learn. When I am not shooting professionally,
      I make an effort to look for new challenges in order to keep the
      knife sharpen for work that may be in the pipeline.


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