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Tomorrow, Sunday June 8, marks the fifth day of the fifth lunar month when the Chinese celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival or ‘Duan Wu Jie’. In Brunei most of us simply call it Dumpling Festival and it is customary for folks in Kuala Belait and Seria to celebrate this day at the beach year after year. Last year, some of you couldn’t tear yourself away from work commitments while other completely forgotten about it altogether. Read about it here »

RED is the most emotionally intense colour and stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing while BLACK is the colour of authority and power. Think Manchester United, Coca Cola, Air Asia (cap autographed by founder Tony Fernandes—”Dare to Dream”) and you get the same rush as long as you’re on the same page!

I decided to revisit an old post “EOS 5D Miniature” and breath new life with a picture of the screaming red strap on my EOS 5D along with another miniature collectible that marks the 30 million EF Lenses production between 1987 and 2006.

© Jan Shim Photography

Last night I told a CLUBSNAP Forum member friend about the new red strap that I was about to put on the 5D, he got insanely excited and demanded to see pictures. For some reason I thought I could Google a picture to quickly get him off my back but to no avail. The obvious keywords such as “Canon EOS Red Pro Shoulder Strap” yielded no relevant hits. So GLENN, here’s your POISON and as you so affectionately and eloquently put it—the Canon TYPE R 🙂

© Jan Shim Photography

My favourite camera for work is the full frame Canon EOS 5D 12.8 mega-pixel dSLR. I like it enough to buy an EOS20th ANNIVERSARY Edition 1/6 scale miniature model of the 5D. The attention to detail is amazing and even comes with a EF24-105mm detachable kit lens (the hood comes off too) and Battery Grip. The following images were shot with non other than the 5D with a couple of studio  umbrellas.


eos5dmini-3.jpg© Jan Shim Photography


  1. I notice a pattern–the 20th Anniversary 5D costs SGD$20 while the 30th Anniversary item costs $30. As long they’re releasing miniatures in 10 year increments, $10 increase seems logical and justified :).


  2. You must have been completely mesmerised by this to have overlooked the answer to your question. I had similar responses last year when I casually asked a few stockist in Singapore. Obviously, it is not true! A Canon rep even took my contact to inform me when they have the EF lens miniature in stock!


  3. The miniatures look good although I must admit the 24-105 hood does look out of scale from the first picture 🙂

    Anyway by the time I’m not around $100 would not be worth what we would expect it to be, if the current progression is anything to go by.

    Great Blog Mr Shim I look forward to your updates, Cheers!


  4. so those are the tools you use to make such beautiful art. they look amazing, you know since lately i have been thinking about photography as a new hobby. i am not sure if these are too advance for my amateur hands, so Jan what would you recommend.


  5. you know since lately i have been thinking about photography as a new hobby. i am not sure if these are too advance for my amateur hands, so Jan what would you recommend?

    First things first, are you prepared to put with the size of a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera instead of a digital compact? Ask yourself this question and if you don’t mind the bulk then we’re good to go to the next level. Most people I know cannot get past the fact that they now have to deal with an extra ‘lump’.

    Vernon/Mai8, there are no amateurs just aspiring pros! Anyone who simply wants to remain ‘just amateur’ quite simply isn’t inspired. If one isn’t inspired then there’s going to be some inherently steep learning curve ahead.

    Bear in mind that I use Canon equipment exclusively so my recommendations are absolutely biased as I was recently accused of. 🙂 That said, the very first camera I owned about 5 years (14 Oct 03) was the EOS 300D also called Digital Rebel in some markets. The camera that really launched my career was the EOS 20D that I still use a lot today. If you’re unsure about your future in photography, get yourself a used 20D or 30D (40D is the current release with the 50D said to be an imminent successor). Used units are very cheap now and the x0D platform makes a great tool to learn with. I would avoid the xxxD series such as the 300/350/400/450D because I dislike the form factor and missing thumb wheel and joystick both of which are critical to a camera’s usability. If however you want to own something current and don’t mind investing in one, get the current EOS 40D! You can thank me later!

    GlennYong, sounds like you need PROfessional help bro! 🙂


  6. thanks for the tip and the inspiring words. i wouldnt mind the excess baggage once its all for a good cause, in this case something to ease my mind. i will look up on the different models you have suggested, will update you on my progress as soon as i get started.


  7. Hi Roger, I don’t exactly know where this particular red strap is sold. Mine was a gift from the Brunei Canon distributor. If you’re interested in this other red strap, a Canon Crumpler model, it’s sold at the Canon showroom at Vivo City in Singapore. Do note that it’s not the easiest location to find. It’s on the second floor (I think) and right across from the cinema (easier to ask around for location of the cinema).


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