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I have not traveled overseas for a long time and therefore not had a chance to get any new skins or bottles. I am not a drinker and do not enjoy particularly enjoy alcohol when I do drink. If you are a regular consumer of Absolut but have no desire whatsoever to keep their bottles or skin, consider sending them to me (the empty bottle would be quite heavy and therefore involve costly postage while the skin would be quite OK if you’re feeling generous). In return I’ll showcase a picture here and a mention including a link to your website/blog. Contact me if you wish to do so or have other ideas you like to share.

My Absolut Vodka Bottle Collection © Jan Shim Photography

I began collecting these iconic ABSOLUT Vodka bottles just a couple of years back and it has grown steadily. Most of the bottles are gifts from folks who savour the burn of 40% alcohol while I prefer my kick to come from a red can 100% of the time!

The latest addition to the Absolut family is the a trip back memory lane—a Limited Edition ABSOLUT DISCO. It’s a gift from a good friend who had just returned from Singapore. Set foot into Changi Airport duty free and smitten by the Disco skin—priceless collectible!

Limited Edition Absolut Disco © Jan Shim Photography


  1. I like the Absolut Disco!! I mean what a nice shoot! The bottle is so nice:) But don’t know the taste yet! If one day, when u r goin to open, please invite me to taste k!


  2. How cool!!.. how can I get those limited edition bottles?? Where can I buy them? I’m so dying to get them now that I’ve started collecting them. Please help me!


  3. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you. I got mine one at a time but most times they’re gifts from friends or relatives who have finished the bottles and instead of heading for the bin, I became their repository. Even the limited edition Disco was a gift from an associate. The latest Absolut object of desire is the ABSOLUT COLOURS—it’s simply gorgeous


  4. alle the “Absolut” limited edition bottles is just a cover with a regular bottle of Absolut inside. It’s taste just the same. I have the absolut disco, absolut bling, and the newest absolut masquerade;)


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