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Back in June, I wrote in Lionhead Goldfish. More Than Just Cute about how therapeutic an aquarium of Goldfish can be. For the most part, watching them swim playfully in the water cutting through the abundance of air bubbles. The best part of it is that they are eternally hungry and are always delighted to see you standing over the tank, mouths wide open!

© Jan Shim Photography

This is all fine until you are the one looking after them and ensuring their survival so others in the family can enjoy their therapeutic benefits! Since then some have died mysteriously. The water’s pH is stable, ammonia and nitrate levels are within tolerance … this particular Lionhead as unique as its red lip has remained resilient having recovered from two episodes of red veins syndrome (possibly from stress/shock).

Quite the survivor and the efforts in looking after them are no small feat. The amount of chemical test kits for pH, Ammonia, Nitrate and Chlorine look like a mini lab and equally abundant are the medicines to eliminate diseases, neutralise fluctuating pH levels, fresh water stabilisation, Ammonia and Nitrate eliminating additives. When you’re looking after them, it’s rewarding and in a tiny sort of way, therapeutic but also stressful and costly maintenance.


  1. Hmmm…. keeping fish can be a hassel…..
    That’s why i opted for…… Terrapin… hahaha….

    I am not really an animal lover… It happened that i had to “BUY” a pet for a Primary school English compo writing experience for P1s (Yes, Jan, i am a teacher)… So i was obliged to purchase one pet. I didnt like the idea of seeing a fish die off because i didnt take good care of it.. Or even to let my kids in the class find that it mysteriously died, i got one that has a long life….

    And now… i am bonded with it for life…. haha… till death do us part…


  2. Mine began when my wife thought a gold fish would be a good idea as pets for the kids to appreciate. They are better value (in terms of hygiene and smaller foot print) than keeping birds or hamsters although the latter are irresistibily adorable! I agreed without hesitating much and blissfully ignorant of the fact that goldfish are the hardest to look after. Had I researched this before committing myself to this idea, I would have not the opportunity to learn about their delicate nature (or be a delicacy to someone’s cat!).


  3. I’m looking for a name for this Lionhead Goldfish. Its unique and obvious feature is a red upper lip which have me thinking it’s a SHE. Feel free to drop some names that think suits her. 🙂


  4. Hmmm…. How about Cheryline? haha…
    Sounds girlish enough for her.. Some how this name just popped out from my mind.

    What do you think?


  5. She is definitely a SHE! She is all “hey, you, get out of here and stop bothering me”. How adorable! That attitude, that fighting spirit, the lipstick, and that amazing “hair do”. . . . Ms. Diva is what I call her.


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