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PREPAID phone cards are an explosive worldwide business phenomenon. Its convenience and relative cost effectiveness make it a popular choice among mobile phone users.  Brunei’s premier communications and entertainment carrier DSTcom knows this better than anyone in the cellular business.

The Billionth Barrel Monument in Seria town
A rare sunrise moment in Kampong Sungai Bera when flocks of egrets roamed the skyline during mating season
Another rare sunrise moment in Seria captured from my kitchen balcony
A quick stop-over at the Lumut beach bridge after a corporate event shoot nearby.
Silhouette of Jamie and Jewel at the end of 2008 Dumpling Festival at Seria beach.

I recently provided DSTcom 7 images to appear on EASI prepaid cards, five of which can be seen above. Each image has a 100,000 card circulation to satisfy strong demands with a total of 700,000 cards going to all distribution outlets in the country. Being a postpaid user for over a decade, I’ve decided to make a switch to prepaid and be a part of the explosive statistics, a compelling reason for first time and returning travellers to pick one up. For more information about EASI Prepaid Services.

HORNBILL and EGRETS added June 05 2008

An Oriental pied hornbill over the Kampong Sungai Bera skyline
Egrets in a panic flight in Panaga during a joint Brunei Nature Society and Panaga Natural History Society outing in Seria
Tasek Merimbun is probably one of the more internationally known park in Brunei. It is the only one in the country to be declared an ASEAN National Heritage Site way back in 1984.

All images © Jan Shim Photography

13 thoughts on “EASI COME EASI GO

  1. I love the Flock of Birds! =D When is this going to be available? lemme know! I wanna get one! But well, too bad they changed the thickness of the easi card, it’s not so ‘collectible’ anymore, =(


  2. Thanks you all, unfortunately I have no information to the availability or distribution of these cards.

    The Flock of Birds image was shot right at my kitchen balcony. The birds are Egrets that routinely fly over my house in that formation although it’s quite rare to find them cross path like that. The orangy glow of the Kampong Sungai Bera sunrise is also a rarity but imagine all the great picturesque sunrises one can see in Brunei. Certainly one of many hidden treasures of our country and quite literally IN OUR OWN BACKYARD!

    While we are on the subject of sunrises, the image right below K.B. Sunset is in fact another sunrise composition from the very same balcony at 5.45 AM back not too long ago when they were only a few houses in the neighbourhood. Today, that landscape has changed with increased housing development that paved the way for much anticipated roads.


  3. Jan, I collect the easi cards and so far have found 2 of yours. Did you put in the watermark in your original photo or did DST did that coz most of the photos don’t even indicate the photographer.


  4. Hi there!

    This was the first time I submitted these images to DST and they asked that I include a caption and photographer credit on each one. The typeface and size was fixed but I wasn’t sure of the placement so I left it to DST’s descretion. In the third pic above, the “sunset” was in fact a Kampong Sungai Bera “sunrise”


  5. Jan, I won’t be able to tell the difference for the 3rd pic until u mention it but it still look like a sunset hahaha. I now have another one of the easi card with your photos… the Billionth barrel view from the sea. 2 more to complete my collection.


  6. Hey, Jan Shim, right? I am a student from KB. And I am into photography also. I want to try to post my photographs [which are mainly people & portraits – since I always do photo shoots with my friends] to DST. Can I ask a favor? I mean, can you help me on how to pass my portfolios up to be seen by people of DST but I just want them to see my pictures and give it a try. you can check my pictures here also – , you can give me comments, if you have the time though. I dont want to disturb you that much. 🙂


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