Music is hardly my forte but without music, the world would be without rhythm and that would be unthinkable. My world is no different and with what little knowledge I know about music, rhythm is a big part of what inspires, moves, motivates and also reminisces me. Shooting For The Stars takes us back to May 2008 when I first wrote about our local musical genius and the force behind Expression Music. Bumping into Lily at the Gadong Mall right after a productive meeting with Malaysia Tourism was no more an accidental encounter as it was fate. Lily was with Violette, our common friend and one of the champions for the Penan cause, and we finally caught up in person after all the smoke has cleared—following the hugely successful ‘THE LEAP OF CREATION’ Mega Charity Concert. And this was one of those rare opportunities where I am glad I brought along the G11 without which this blog entry would surely miss a critical component.

Drawing from her Powershot G9 experience, Violette once again took over my camera except this time it's the G11 instead of the 5D MkII.
Funky and feisty—I said "wild" when I saw her cover photo the moment she handed me the disc. Quite the departure compared to her first EP "Together" but rightfully so!
An autographed copy of the Lily's second release adds to my precious collection of memorabilia
ZUL F, pictured here during the 2010 Brunei National Day march, is one of the featured local artistes with the track 'Manaku Pergi'(Where can I go?)


  1. Jan, she is pretty and I am sure she must has got a angelic voicef!! Is too bad that I have never hear anything about her in HK.


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