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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent ~ Victor Hugo


Musical talent is often said to be God’s gift. After all, talent isn’t learnt but discovered and very often it takes a journey of opportunity and self-discovery before talent is realised and developed. Lily and I go way back in school and in her online bio, “having been caught on camera as early as 8 months old playing on a toy piano, Lily’s love for music has grown into a great passion for life and the expression of the arts for all.” My god-given talent, however, was failing exams and I developed a seriously allergy to schools and became a constant worry for my parents.:)

© Jan Shim Photography

Decades later, I survived and our paths crossed at the TOYOTA CLASSICS 2007 event. The top left photo was taken at the end of the event and I had her pose against her grand piano. One thing led to another and this photo remained in my archive until this post–it’s going to be the first time she sees it too.

© Jan Shim Photography

I sensed a pun when Lily autographed her CD and poster “SHOOT FOR THE STARS” but I was too busy and couldn’t help soaking up the vintage look and feel of her music school, EXPRESSION MUSIC which is located right across from Vintage Rose Cafe whose interior decor coincidentally shares similar tastes.

© Jan Shim Photography

Lily recently represented Brunei at the FRANCOPHONE MUMBAI MUSIC FESTIVAL to help promote the country’s culture and home-grown music industry in the international arena. The Francophone Music Festival aims to promote linguistic and cultureal diversity and also share Francophone cultures with the world, a community of more than 170 million people in 54 countries … as resported by the Brunei Times newspaper.

Her much awaited first album TOGETHER will be released on May 11 at THE DREAM ASCENDS MEGA CONCERT to be held at the International Convention Centre where she will be performing songs from her album with New York Broadway Director Rich Fowler who had this to say …

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the amazing talents of Lily Chiam. She is fast becoming one of the brightest artist composers in her region. Her music rings with clarity that places the album in the crossover genre of World Music and Pop … We had the pleasure of recording in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Los Angeles and New York. TOGETHER is a labour of love intended for your pleasure. Enjoy it many times over.

The album is AVAILABLE NOW from:
EXPRESSION MUSIC | Spg 88 B15-16, Bgn Lim Eng Ming, Kiulap
GOLDEN MUSIC CENTRE | Bandar Seri Begawan, Tutong, Seria & Kuala Belait


12 thoughts on “SHOOTING FOR THE STARS

  1. It’s amazing to have someone so talented shine like a beaming beacon of light with such highly accomplished trackrecord in the international arena! It’s almost unbelievable but I know your success isn’t a dream but a reality!

    Lily, some of us would love to know more about your interesting journey. Would you be so kind as to share with us the obstacles you faced and how you overcame them?


    Carmen, Wu Zhun and now Lily…
    Brunei certainly is a “A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures”


  2. Lily produces strong yet beautiful musics, just like herself.

    Thanks for sharing, Jan. I’ll grab the album in my next visit to Brunei.


  3. I think it was her i heard over a radio interview. Listened to a few samples of her music then, sounded really great, have been really curious about our local talent then……great coverage, now i know


  4. What I remember about Lily, other than her immense musical talent, is her serene beauty and grace. This success is well deserved! Many congrats to a wondrous career. I am very proud of you! GO LILY!!!!


  5. It is with honour and pride that I see Lily rise to international acclaim.

    It’s also especially heart-warming to see her blossomed into a successful musician, a devoted wife and mother with a supportive husband, Tun, and wonderful kids.

    Most of all, it’s her immense faith that sets her forth on the journey she embarked way back in the 80’s to have her dreams come true today. In faith too, she will launch her CD and stage the Mega concert on 11th May.

    Lily, Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Indeed you are `A Woman of Substance’, Happy Mothers’ day !


  6. It’s always amazing to see when people embrace the talents they have been divinely blessed with. like the words of the great William Shakespeare, “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.” one of many words i tend to live by. great article Jan, was truly inspirational and at the same time interesting.


  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement!
    With my pleasure i share with you:

    It starts with PASSION.. what you like to do most..
    Do what is beneficial to society…
    reaching out and touching lives..
    Mindshift: Think how you can bless others..
    not what you can get or it hinders your vision

    Go to the right enviroment and mentor..
    Everyone has something GREAT for the world..
    Work at it and triump,
    leap and keep going.. When you fall, stand up and try again..!

    Have patience, care and love..
    Obstacles will be like little ants running away from you..
    create awareness and share with ONLY TRUTHFUL LOYAL POSITIVE people about your dreams..

    There is so much to do out there, so little time
    One step a day… you will be at the mountain top someday…
    just keep walking.. don’t need to run or you will be exhausted before you reach your destiny….
    however, the discipline of taking that step or two steps a day must continue..

    YOu CAN Do it!

    Cheers with love
    Lily Chiam


  8. Hi Lily,
    Well said ! You are gifted and with your passion you began, your faith kept you going, your determination and hard work brought you here and now your sincereity and generosity to share your gift brings you to a higher platform.

    Keep going ……. Now, shoot for the moon, if you miss it, you know you are already one of the many stars !



  9. Hi, teacher Lily, i’m Teacher Cherrie’s former student Alister. I wish to say a million thanks to you, without your encouragement, i would have forget about my singing dreams from the day i left expression. your album is so incredible that i listen it everytime when i felt down. It actually made me feel so strong that not to give up my dreams. Thnks again


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