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I am not particularly adventurous when it comes to food choices although there’s no shortage of interesting choices here. When it comes to certain exotic ones that I do like, I’m nowhere near the radar of Andrew Zimmen. So in my usual ‘safe and predictable’ self I stick to usual for convenience. I’m also not the sort to go “Dim Sum” in my home town but would happily do that when I’m in Bandar Seri Begawan for the weekend. This post refers to a eatery in Kuala Belait where I thought I would go with my wife one morning to check it out. It’s called 11 Degrees Sports Cafe and true to its name, the cafe decor is sports themed. Be sure to check it out the next time you’re in KB but before that, a mention to Chef Domenico Piras of Fratini Restaurant who appears as Brunei Times SPOTLIGHT recently (many thanks Chef Domenico for the autographing that picture for me) and also a feature in DINING OUT page.

Chef Domenico enchants the senses↑ Read this story on BT Online

bt-fratini-fathersday-diningout↑ Read this story on BT Online


One of Chef Domenico’s creation for Father’s Day surprise, name of item not known at time of this writing
Salmon and Seabass Terrine served on a Bed of Greens, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
Broccoli Cream Soup served with Garlic and Paprika Bread
Spinach and Pumpkin Rice in light Cheese Sauce topped with baked Cherry Tomatoes
Not a chef’s specialty but one of my personal favourite cuppa, Lavazza black coffee. Likely the same fuel that powers the chef throughout his waking hours too.
Chinese chef at the 11 Degree Sports Cafe in Kuala Belait flipping crispy chinese pancake
Popular Sui Mei to kick off the weekend dim sum morning
An interesting combination of Chakoi Cheong Fun and the ever popular Carrot Cake
Chef preparing crispy pancake with chopped mutton and spring onions

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