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One of my published columns in The Brunei Times (above) dating back to March 2009 was a condensed version of my LITTLE INDIA post. Thanks to my son Jamie who until today still prefers to get his hair cut at an Indian barbershop over a proper hair salon, my fascination of Little India grew both in the metaphorical and literal sense. These days I tend to bring my camera and my favourite 50mm f/1.4 lens around and I’m glad there were times (like this) when instincts made more sense then commonsense. Having featured this particular barbershop in the papers and being a regular customer, it helps build rapport which in turn establishes a comfort zone with my new found barbershop friends.

Firm grasp of Jamie's head while the electric cutter is in motion

I don’t remember if I ever had a hair cut in an Indian barbershop like this one when I was little. I do recall the time when I no longer found it appropriate for my mom to double as a barber at home (I think that’s a period of my life called ‘teenage years’). I hope she took that as part of my growing up and took no offense at my rather abrupt insistence for her to stop cutting my hair. As a parent the thought of going near Jamie’s hair with a pair of scissors crossed my mind more than once but quickly tossed that idea out. For a few dollars it’s more rewarding to sit next to him at the shop and have an Indian massage while he’s getting the trim and then leaving the place to grab a drink afterwards.

I think I previously said no to the razor but Mr Barber was quick to the draw and knifed Jamie's sideburns before I had a chance to utter any word of protest!


    1. Many thanks Gembo for your support. I hope someday when my kids are grown up and they chance upon your comment and go, “dad has talent other than constantly reminder us to study, finish our homework and eat more vegies!” 🙂


  1. That’s my 10-year-old brother’s regular barbershop too. When I showed him this post, he even recognizes the barber who was cutting Jamie’s hair 🙂


    1. Kids through their innocence and unbiased nature know the good stuff a lot more than what we give them credit for. Also I would have no qualms sitting in a barbershop waiting for my son to finish his haircut whether I’m wearing a suit or bermudas. I don’t know what is it about traditional barbershops that give me a warm and fuzzy feeling!


    1. and let’s not forget the optional head, neck and shoulder massage afterwards. A friend on MSN remarked that I enjoy being “marinated” in Axe Oil! Haha That I undeniably do occasionally but most times I opt for Chinese or Indonesian massage.


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