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It’s official:  The Hello Kitty Fantastical Adventure event has officially been cancelled for reasons explained in the paper. Reasons I’m sure many would agree to be rather incredible. I mean what are the odds that something like this would happen, ever? Perhaps the odds of winning BND12,000 worth of packages from the HSBC’s PowerVantage Plus promo are better? If you’re the lucky winner, I’m sure you can find a means or two to console your little one. One reader seems to think so … at least a half full attitude to a half empty status quo!

The HSBC ad struck me and made me ponder. Not just about the promo, but about life and such, and what I have been doing all this while. Hmmmm….my life is half empty and there’s so much ahead that awaits me … Well, give me some time this month or next. I should be knocking on your doors with my savings. — dcontessa

“See the plus side of things to reap the rewarding opportunities that optimism brings.”

I do wonder how do you as a parent explain to your little one(s) why their favourite HELLO KITTY isn’t coming? It goes without saying that many plans were made and changed to accommodate even the cancellation of the June 20th 10.oo am show.  Then dealing with the blow of the entire show not happening at all must have ignited some sparks. My daughter took the news much better than I had expected though I suspect it has to do with the fact that she’s more a fan of the Littlest Pet Shop and she has amassed quite a collection over the years. I gave her a hug anyway in appreciation of her ever so subtle disappointment.

I am also appreciative and thankful to my esteemed clients Lexus Brunei and Baiduri Bank for accommodating my exam schedule! Having completed the Lexus shoot last week, this week’s backlog was the Baiduri shoot that involved three branches in two districts. At the end of our shoot at the Seria branch, I wrapped things off with this shot.

Baiduri Bank and French Connection aviator glasses. Get the connection?
Baiduri Bank and French Connection aviator glasses. Get the connection?


  1. Would have been great to hear if the ship carrying the Hello Kitty costumes were taken over by pirates.

    A week later you hear reports of Hello Kitty’s taking over a cruise ship and forcing the passangers to their aweful Hello Kitty musical.

    Because thats what all pirates want to be … stage performers



  2. It is really disappointing to hear about the cancellation. I personally know quite a number of people who are really looking forward to the show, esp. the kids.

    Maybe Hello Kitty will come again next time..^__^


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