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The picture of the IS 300 in Several Shades Darker was one of the three Lexus models that I photographed along with the flagship LS 460 and the RX 350. NBT, the exclusive distributor of Lexus fleet in Brunei, flew in a creative director from ZenderFang Singapore to direct the shoot. Below is the published artwork of the RX 350 which has appeared as print ads in the Borneo Bulletin paper two weeks back. I marveled at the awe-inspiring piece of work by the industry leading designers.

“The new RX 350 now flies you to Singapore” And you better believe it …
They took the RX 350 from Brunei and placed it on the  Changi Airport runway. The sky is the limit! 🙂

Photo courtesy of ZenderFang Associates

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how the car was photographed. Artwork of this caliber typically require a large commercial photo studio but since we have no such facility here, we improvised to use the biggest available light source—sunlight. The entire shoot took 8 hours and I walked off with one image short of a thousand shot in full 5D MkII RAW which amounted to over 30GB of data (post conversion to 8-bit TIFF). 8 hours in the sun also meant that we were pretty toasted only to burn some more 3 days later. Seeing the final results made it all worthwhile. Kudos to Lexus Brunei for raising the bar by investing in custom photography/DI work to better suit the local market.

The original unedited picture of the Lexus RX 350 as shot in Brunei before undergoing creative enhancement surgery by the ZF designers.
My rendition of the IS 300 shot at the same location as its bigger siblings.

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        1. Actually no. Rates are comparable if not slightly better so we’re OK in that regard. It’s the availability of the three Lexus models in the required colours that made shooting in Brunei more economical.


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