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Four years ago, I took a trip to Sydney, Australia and had a really great time. It was also in the year 2004 that I owned my first digital SLR, a Canon EOS 300D and saw much of the cityscape through the viewfinder the entire time not realizing that photography was destined to become a full time career.  While in Sydney, I discovered more than just the Opera House and Harbour Bridge—I came across what I couldn’t find elsewhere—the delicious Magnum Vice Creams!  This is one item that looks so wrong yet tastes so right and I cannot help but wonder if these are still being sold.


The Magnum Vice Creams created a lot of controversy at the time. The idea of a product that seemed to encourage the consumption of alcohol seemed so wrong that if these are no longer available, it would be because law makers didn’t think it’s right though the product actually contained no alcohol—it’s just flavouring. I call it brilliant marketing!


↓ One late afternoon, my wife and I decided to take a ride in the monorail to see more of the city and interesting architectures that lined the busy business district. Just as we walked towards the ticketing booth, a passenger who had just stepped out of the monorail came over and offered her ticket to me (said something about the station being her last stop for the day). Thing is, the Metro Monorail Day Pass isn’t transferrable (most if not all of these sorts of commercial tickets aren’t anyway). I didn’t know better at the time so I took it, thanked the lady and had a free ride. Who knows, maybe she had had a Vice Cream on her way back and wasn’t thinking straight! 😛



  1. you just had to give me this link while I am currently craving for magnum LOL, there arent any in Japan… oh well I guess I have to settle for Haagen Dazs Rum and Raisin then 🙂


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