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When she was 19, Zhang Jingna decided to drop out from the air rifle national team and her Fashion Design degree course to pursue photography. Unswayed by conventional styles and influences, her vision differentiates and sets her apart from others. Her style derives inspiration from dreams, art, music and travelling. Jingna lives in Singapore for now, and her childhood dream was to be a Gundam Wing Zero pilot. —

Something Beautiful is an illustrated expression of the dreams, visions and ideals of a young and highly talented artist whom I had only very recently discovered. A week prior to my Singapore trip, I contacted Jingna for an opportunity to get acquainted and also for a feature article on Shimworld, that weekend she was scheduled to leave for Paris right after a shoot so that idea had to be put on hold. I did, however, meet with her assistant, Joyce,  to pick up a copy of the book that had earlier been autographed and numbered 104/999.


As my Canadian Facebook buddy and photographer Cristina succintly puts it, “stunned” was the first thing that overwhelmed me when I first discovered Jingna’s work on Facebook. Inspiration from her portfolio has pretty much shaped the plans I have for 2009.



Anyone who’s interested in ordering one, limited copies of the numbered and autographed books will be available through Joyce at Comic Fiesta 2008 in Kuala Lumpur this coming weekend at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall. I’m not sure if it’s a little late, I had meant to publish this earlier but was caught up with work, coffee and stuff. The following excerpt is from Zemotion’s blog and also check out  Zemotion on Facebook. Something Beautiful is also available in Singapore at the PAGE ONE Bookshop in Vivocity.

Limited Editions which were pre-ordered are available for collection/pick-up during the event if you don’t trust Malaysian Post. They will not be sold on the spot, so if you’ll like to get your copy, purchase it here then email to let her know by this Thursday morning so she can pack it.

I am curious as to how air rifle was her life before photography. I’m not even sure if this revelation is buried deep in her blog archive—and I looked too but the combination of caffeine and 1.37 am isn’t effective! Jingna may not (ever) be a Gundam Wing Zero pilot, she’s steering her dreams in the right direction!

→ Just a note to all Brunei residents who may be thinking of ordering a copy online, do bear in mind that published materials are subject to censorship on arrival at customs. There isn’t a single picture in the book that I would consider inappropriate or offensive but then again I’m an artist so I may be bias. But really, the pictures are great works of art and trust me, you do not want them to be treated with a black marker!


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