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Located at the far right of the Latifuddin Complex [hint to local residents: old Liang Toon Department Store or previous occupancy by Lucent Technologies] on Tungku Link and almost a stone’s throw from the end of the international airport runway, PD’M Tourist Square not only showcases their growing range of products for tourists but the regular departing and arriving planes also provide the right audio to heighten their customer’s experience! I know this first hand when Korean co-owner In Ju engaged me for images of their new establishment for their up and coming brochure.

Introducing Pelangi De’Mutiara Tourist Square. You’ll be greeted with ample showcase of local and international cultural products, artwork and hand-made handicrafts. The words Pelangi and Mutiara in the Malay language means Rainbow and Pearl or Mother of Pearl respectively but in the context of tourism, they are a universal language, a new destination for tourists both domestic and international. Visit the flash gallery for more images from the shoot.

© Jan Shim Photography

The words “ONE STOP” springs to mind as soon as you have an opportunity to look around and not realising where to even begin. That’s what happened to me. It’s one thing to move my equipment from the car into the store, it’s quite another to decide which alley to begin shooting first. There are plenty of interesting subjects from various vantage points and reflecting surfaces just bring out some of the more brilliant bokehs!

© Jan Shim Photography

No tourist stop-over is complete without tee shirts and at PD’M Tourist Square you’ll find a variety of them in local context that carries our tourism theme. Unique to this store is a Pelamin (bridal dais; bridal suite) and complimenting this is a showcase of traditional bridal clothing typically worn at a Malay Weddings.

© Jan Shim Photography
© Jan Shim Photography

I’ve not photographed a Proboscis Monkey in the flesh but have seen many pictures of them and I’ll say these soft huggable renditions are way cuter!

© Jan Shim Photography

Here’s a sneak peek of the veranda where you’ll have a chance to sit back and relax. Give yourself the opportunity to wind down after a tiring day and away from main street traffic and enjoy the scenic surroundings for a change.

© Jan Shim Photography

Here’s a hand-made miniature of a local Bruneian product (bottom left pic) called Gasing (a ‘top’ that spins on its point when set in motion). To the immediate right of the veranda is an fairly elaborate waterfall setup with live kois. If you do not see any chances are they are in hiding under the rocks. This photo was captured in the rain on tripod at ISO 50 and 30 seconds shutter to get that cottony-water effects.

© Jan Shim Photography

The indoor and outdoor personalities of the store are separated by a smooth sliding door that I thought was an interesting piece of architecture itself. The veranda doubles as a cafe for the food and drinks they are going to offer (not available at time of shoot) as much as a place to chill.

© Jan Shim Photography

Experience is what PD’M Tourist Square is about—the combination of sights and sounds make PM Tourist Square interesting and unique. But don’t take my word for it. In a news release by The Brunei Times …

The Chief Executive Officer of the Brunei Tourism Board, Shiekh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohamed commended Pelangi De’Mutiara on its “refreshing, modern, world-class” appearance and noted, “It’s exactly what I want to see.”

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. wow, seriously this is a good move, that area was starting to look like a ghost town! apart from Guan Hock Lee the music store, I can’t imagine any other reason why I should go there. Thanx Shim! I’ll definitely check it out later. =D


  2. hello dear photographer:

    i am very like to see your photograph because it is so alive
    and i need to ask your permission to use your photos. plz and thank you.

    Cammy Chong (Zisen Travel Agency)


  3. Dear photographer:

    If you can, i need any Pelangi De’Mutiara’s picture but i really need its name on it..

    Cause i’ll be using in the City tour package to bring in tourist from cruise ship round the world to this center… (promotion cause we want to promote the quiet place.. hehe..)

    The manager did also told me that there will be cultural show soon… thats why.. i need your picture.. plz reply me asap!

    Please and Thank You.

    Cammy Chong.


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