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Today I had a chance to get up at 5am in BSB and experience the sunrise in Kampong Mata Mata for a change. I got up at 5am not because I had the alarm wake me up but because I was too knackered the night before and slept at 9pm. Earlier this week, I had a shoot at various branch offices of Baiduri Bank in BSB, Seria and Kuala Belait and I returned to their branch in Bunut (one of the only two buildings with the new facade and logo. A picture of the Kiulap branch I took was used in an ASIAMONEY feature).

Those images are in the process of being post-processed for delivery to the bank. These ones below were shot between 7.30—8.00am while the cleaner mopped the floor just as the sun, surprisingly bright that hour of the day, cast a striking shadow on the first picture.

© Jan Shim Photography

Here a mirror image of the cleaner is reflected off the highly polished surface of a bench intended for the bank’s clients as he worked towards the main entrance where access to the ATM is just as the gleam from the  freshly mopped tiles made for an interesting reflection.

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. These are great shots. Kudos to your dedication and the physical stamina to lug camera equipment EARLY in the morning. What kind of “ultra” coffee are you on? HA!


  2. No “ultra” coffee to speak of, just the regular local ground coffee that my mother-in-law brews each morning. Unless the brand happens to be called ULTRA but what is the chance of that!


  3. I thought the green background in the first picture was the tennis court?!!!
    But i found it weird coz cleaners DON’T mop tennis courts!
    Only to realise that the shot was taken outside the bank entrance. hmmmm… Shocking lime green hurts my eyes though.. 😛


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