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LYRA  isn’t one of those names you instantly associate with something when you first hear it. Mention the name a second time and it begins to sound familiar yet distant but believe it or not, LYRA is German and it’s a brand that’s 200 years old, 202 to be exact this year! Even less known is the fact that Lyra has been a pencil manufacturer since 1806 and is today “the world wide specialist for colours and products in kindergarten, school, hobby and industry.”

lyracolours-004.jpg lyracolours-003.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

At present day, specifically earlier today, Lyra made its first public appearance in a National Day Logo coloring competition jointly organised by Early Childhood Publications Co., an exclusive distributor of Lyra range of products, and Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports.

lyracolours-007.jpg lyracolours-006.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

It’s a productive Sunday. My daughter, Jewel, as the request of her school registered for the contest and she walked away with a consolation prize–we’re still not convinced colouring is one of her strong suits but most importantly she had fun doing it and got me out of the house with the 5D/70-200mm pointed at something completely different.

© Jan Shim Photography

A Kodak Moment as Early Childhood Publications owner gestured to his little girl during the prize presentation ceremony.

© Jan Shim Photography

Much like Kodak, its yellow colour is eye catching. Much more interesting a colour choice than its German rival, Staedtler, that we remember so well from school days.

lyracolours-008.jpg lyracolours-001.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

Trophies for the winners in two categories of age groups and wife cheered while hubby gave a opening remark.

4 thoughts on “LYRA-CAL MOMENTS

  1. Hi Nash!

    Yes I was and what an amazing event that was eh? A black Tri X Challenge polo hanging in my closet makes sure I always remember how I overcame my own challenges during the entire course of the event shoot (parts of which my wife assisted).

    I was also the official photog at the HSBC Walkathon that began from HSBC Seria to HSBC Serusop from two years earlier I believe!


  2. Hi, there, I’m looking for some info on Lyra and came across your post. Any ideas where I might look?


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