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On Nov 29, AsiaInc Forum held its 2007 National Business Conference at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, a venue known for its opulence and fine dining.

© Jan Shim Photography

Themed “Can Small Be Beautiful?” lunch sung to the tune of ‘less is more’ with Baked Barramundi served with gratin potato, seasoned buttered vegetables and mango salsa, lemon beurra blanc sauce.

nbc-lunch1.jpg nbc-lunch2.jpg

followed by Blueberry Cheese Cake with mango and raspberry coulis. The Asia Inc Forum etching was a nice touch!

© Jan Shim Photography

And if the sumptuous lunch wasn’t enough food for thought, listening to the luncheon address by Mr Tony Tan Caktiong, Founder and Chairman of fastfood giant Jollibee ought to inspire and stir our senses–”More Power!

jollibee-tonytan.jpg jollibee-tonytan-sig.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography/Photo by Anthony Er

At the end of the luncheon, I caught up with Tony just as we were leaving the Empire Theatre I had a photo opportunity with the Chairman and got his decorated business card that features logos of the Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) Group of Companies: Greenwich, Delifrance, Red Ribbon, Chow King including non other than the iconic Jollibee logo that we Bruneians know very well.

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