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Simpur Bloggies Best Photo Blog: 1 Vote of Separation

First up, congratulations to Reeda Malik/ for winning the Simpur Bloggies BEST PHOTO BLOG competition.  A win this close, separated by a mere 1 vote has given us our own little Amazing Race! I must say, the half-hour of the Kristal FM/Jenny M show had been most intense than the 10-day race itself—song after song in-between promises to reveal the winner in reverse order. Exciting yet mental! I wish to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who voted for SHIMworld. I’m ecstatic to say the least as I had not expected to come this far. Being right next to the winner, away from the spotlight is perhaps where my comfort zone is (that’s just me!). Some of you whom I’ve shared a personal view knew I had hoped Reeda would win—I think he deserved to win given his larger than life personality and journalistic reporting that is.

Voting was tight between the top two, Anakbrunei and Jan Shim/SHIMWORLD, all throughout the 10 days, with the both of them separated by a few votes at the end of every single day. In the end, Anakbrunei eventually won by a single vote!

simpur-winner.jpg © DST Multimedia Sdn Bhd/Simpur Bloggies Many thanks to the sponsors! …

Runner-up Jan Shim of SHIMWORLD won a Meal Voucher for 2 at the Orchid Garden Hotel sponsored by the hotel & Simpur, an Easi Starter Pack + $20 Recharge Card from DSTCom, and merchandise from DST Group & Simpur.

The week leading up to the nomination stage was also exciting. It gave me the push I needed to keep SHIMworld updated with new content. There are no free lunches as we know it and I know first hand that photo-journalism is hard work and the race to the top is often fraught with issues we don’t discuss publicly. In between hectic event and commercial schedules and exhausting commutes, I surprised myself to have found the time to update!

© DST Multimedia Sdn Bhd/Simpur Bloggies

Thanks also to Rano’s impeccable reporting and support. I think (being an immensely popular social blog) indirectly campaigned for votes to the five nominees account for more than the singular effort I would have put in myself.


Why Jan Shim? Among them, he’s a full time professional photographer and he has fans local and abroad. Great write up, great photography and it has good content on every post that will leave you satisfied. He could be the dark horse of this category.

The reaction to Rano’s remark was a funny one that I feel deserves a mention. I had people asking me what the meaning of dark horse was. Some effort to Google this ensued and a number of possible definitions came to light, each with different interpretation of what it could mean in Rano’s context. The rest, as they say, is history!

Yeah! Reeda won! And Jan lost by ONE vote only. Man, competition between men are surely fierce. – Nonnie King/Spiritual Garden

The result of the Simpur Best PhotoBlog category was no surprise this time.In my opinion, both the winner (AnakBrunei) and the runner-up (Shimworld) are equally good at what they do that it is hard to say who is the better photoblogger between them.The outcome clearly reflected this with only a SINGLE VOTE separating one from the other. And as a fan of both, I think this was the best possible result. – Jewelle Anak Brunei wins Photog category. In one of the closest competition ever, Jan Shim lost out by a single vote to Reeds where both blogger ended up with 32% each. she-shoots defied the odds by finishing third (So I guess they will remain anonymous for some time *hehe*). Ucing Itam came at fourth place while another anonymous blogger, c settled for 5th place. – RanoAdidas

It couldn’t have been a closer race! In the end, only one vote separated the winner and the runner-up! To those who made it to the top five, Shimworld, Sheshoots, Blindaseachother, and bro Ucingitam, well done! If anything, this whole exercise has pushed us all to work that little bit harder at our sites! – AnakBrunei

Congratulations to our Jing Chew club chief Reeda a.k.a. AnakBrunei for being crowned Simpur’s best photo blogger. It was a tough see-saw battle with the runner-up Jan Shim while the mysterious She-Shoots girls emerged third. C came fifth while yours truly sat comfortably at the fourth place. Well, everyone is a winner! I thank everyone for nominating and voting UcingItam.Com to be in the Top 5. Personally, has been one of my inspirations since my early days of photoblogging and up to now it is a daily must read for me. – UcingItam

23 thoughts on “Simpur Bloggies Best Photo Blog: 1 Vote of Separation

  1. Congrats Shimworld!

    By the way, I don’t think you’re a dark horse because it’s very obvious that you’ll be in one of the top spots.

    Keep up the excellent work.


  2. Jan, your blog site is the best to me! In my own opinion…
    I never read blogs of other ppl.. But your photos caught my attention and of course, not to mention, i knew about your blog through your shooting assignment for Wu Chun. 🙂

    But great entries and photos. The best so far to me!
    Keep it up!


  3. Hey Jan! Congrats! What a close race huh? Gillette Mach 3 hahah!

    As a tribute to you, I just thought I’d share with you my nomination email which speaks for itself heheh:

    Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 15:53:22 +0800
    From: “Reeda Malik”
    To: “”
    Subject: Photoblogs nominations

    Here are my top three nominations for photoblogs:

    1. Shimworld
    2. Sheshoots
    3. Stupidlogic

    Jan Shim’s Shimworld is a regularly updated, stylish, informative blog full of wonderful images both within and outside Brunei. He has a separate section for Food and Travel posts, which I like cos it allows the viewer to
    narrow in on the subject matter.

    Recently, Jan’s charity drive for Leukaemia patient Desmond Chin was met with plenty of support from within and outside Brunei. This is a testament to the power of the internet to do good and I am looking forward to more of these initiatives from Jan.

    Most importantly of course, is the fact that Jan delivers on his blog’s motto, “A moment lived, a journey shared”.



  4. Congrat Jan.

    Your blog site is excellent.
    I do not have the habit of browsing people blog, but your blog is worth to spend time to browse through


  5. Dark horse is suppose to be use to describe someone who are not likely to win, but won in the end, aint it? If yes. it doesn’t suits you because I think you’ll win from the very beginning! And well, you won (I consider it a win, after all). =p

    WEE! JANSHIM EASI CARD! =D So, 6 more to go huh? =p I mean to collect your whole set.. =D


  6. In the past weeks or so following this post, I’ve been shot by Reeda, survived on coffee and instant noodles for the weekend, drove in bad weather and poor visibility to get to the celebration of the Japan Emperor’s Birthday and to top it off, post processing of a couple of thousand wedding images ground to a halt in the face of disruptive power failures in my Kampong!

    So with what’s left of my laptop’s dying battery I want to thank everyone who’s voted and special thanks to Reeda Malik for nominating SHIMworld. We may be just one vote apart but I salute your commitment to the community through your various online presence!


  7. Roland “nomad” Lim, glad to hear from you again. I am giving you a nick simply because I think you’ve earned it. I have lost track of your whereabouts at any period of time. One day you’re in HK, next in China, Japan, Australia who knows!

    As for WordPress, I’ve found blogging to be life changing and more importantly to be able to change another person’s life such as Desmond Chin and also a chance to save someone or an entire community from being scammed. I’m glad you too have found an outlet to showcase your wonderful HK concert and travel photos with the rest of the world. Along the way, we attract the good, the bad and the ugly but that’s just life!


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