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Freelancing: Be Your Own Boss

It’s 11.30pm and in less than six hours I will be getting up to catch a flight to Singapore for the weekend. Is there a relevance to what this post is about? Absolutely not other than I had just received an email from the Editorial Assistant of Butra Home Concept Magazine and he attached a sneak copy of my interview for their June edition so instead of going to bed   like I should,  I thought I would post this up before I say goodbye to May 2013. So, here’s me stepping out of my comfort zone to be in front of the lens for a change. See you all in June! 🙂

Click on image to view full size (JPEG 1.3MB)

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4 thoughts on “Freelancing: Be Your Own Boss

  1. For a home and lifestyle magazine, I was actually expecting more pictures of your home office. But its still a good interview and I always find those who could make a living doing their passion to be very inspiring. And being from the ‘real KB’, I totally get the KB bit. It seems that every place in Belait District can be collectively referred to as ‘KB’ or else nobody gets the location we’re referring to. Avoids the hassle of having to explain to a blank face when you say Panaga, Seria or Sg Liang.


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Zul. Got back from Singapore yesterday, not too keen on squinting and replying long texts on the tiny S3 screen. I’m old school and prefers a full sized keyboard. As for more pictures of my home office, there aren’t more to show besides the ones on Facebook. I think you had expected to see more areas of the house converted to a photo studio and so forth — thing is, portraitures aren’t my thing so all I really need is half a room enough to accommodate my computers and printer, dry cabinets to store my cameras and lenses and space for my lighting equipment.


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