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HOUSE OF HARRISTON CHOCOLATES IN KUALA LUMPUR!/janshim/status/71776165425192960

With chocolates, I feel it's absolutely sufficient to let these pictures do the talking. Some things are better communicated & appreciated in the tummy than mere words that serve a little more than a literary tease.
Michele, contributing editor of Bagus! magazine (right) picks the minds of Tourism Malaysia folks for more info about the establishment's history.
A staff at Chocolate Gallery Malaysia brings out some samples of their finest dark chocolates including exotic flavours such as Durian, Tongkat Ali, Hot Chili and many more.
Perhaps considerd the world's luckiest person by chocolate aficianados, this chocolatier prepares the mixture before, lets cool before pouring it into the moulded box (illustrated in next photo)



Voon (United News Daily reporter) and I bought six boxes of the Harriston durian dark and milk chocolates to share with family and friends.
Samples of Chocolate Gallery Malaysia's creativity and workmanship.
A pair of dragons made entirely out of premium dark chocolates and chases the ball on a pole that's often referred to as the "Pearl of Wisdom"

Durian (tropical fruit) is a nutritious food, packed with minerals, proteins, and fats. Durian is cultivated in orchards and numerous varieties are available. However, because it takes ten years for a durian tree to come to fruition, farming hasn’t exactly proliferated. Consequently, durians are becoming scarcer year by year, as well as more and more expensive. The creamy flesh inside gives an exquisite sweet and delicious taste. First-timers who are sporting enough to try the durian will more than likely find the taste wonderful despite its overwhelmingly pungent smell.

As I write this caption, I reached inside the box for a piece of this wonderfully pungent dark chocolate. I do not normally eat durians, not someone who minds the smell but combine dark chocolates and durian, I get to taste this forbidden fruit in a whole new way.
Just a real quick photo opportunity posing in front of the Chocolate Gallery Malaysia statue. What you don't see much of are the boxes of intoxicating, rich, flavoured chocolates we've discreetly hidden from view.


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