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EGRETS known locally as Kenawai or Burong Apuh (according to Chapter 102 of the Brunei Law “Wild Life Protection”) are Brunei’s most common, year-round and certainly one of a number of the larger birds that accent our sunny blue skies in a prominent manner especially when they are flying in formation. Though these birds, bright white with various coloured beaks, legs and different plumes, have long existed along our shoreline, I only started paying more attention to them recently when I caught sight of their large formation one morning and I got hooked since. Read more …

Most countries including Brunei Darussalam have laws protecting these birds. Chapter 102 of the Wild Life Protection Act of the Brunei Law lists two types of egrets that are classified as Protected Animals: Reef Egret (Egretta Sacrs) or Ujoh Laut in Malay and Cattle Egret (Bubulcus Coromandus) or Kenawai in Malay or Burong Apuh in Iban. These should not be confused with another similar sized bird that’s commonly known as Burong Bangau.


This is something about this UP and UP and UP picture I really really like. I think it’s the energy it projects.



This scene reminds me of war plane formation in movies which I used to watch on TV. In case you’re wondering, yes, these were also shot from my house except this time it wasn’t the kitchen balcony but the other side of the house.


In the evenings, the egrets can be seen flying very close to moving traffic. So close in fact there are many instances of roadkill in Seria. I don’t quite why they put themselves at such risks but welcome anyone who might have a clue to enlighten me. Out of a dozen or more spectacular instances like this, I only managed to actually photograph one and this one took place at the Shell Roxana Service Station in Seria. I’m certain many commuters marveled at the sight.


Jan Shim,

I’m a hard-to-please person when it comes to evaluating what’s interesting and original. But I like what I see in your work and I’ll give you props for it. I’ve seen a lot of other Bruneian shutterbugs and their work – but you are in a league of your own – and this is a big compliment coming from me because I can be critical … I think being the only one in Seria gives you a slight advantage over many other photographers in Brunei – you get to take pictures that is not common of the others and that’s refreshing.

I love seeing more of the scenes in Seria and KB that are picturesque if shot by a passionate photographer. Keep up the good work! — LeRissa

7 thoughts on “FLIGHT OF THE EGRETS

  1. Not only evening. Anytime you see an egret on the roadside, have to be extra alert because they always take off low and slow.


  2. Jan… seems like your home balcony is a very ideal bird watching / shooting place.

    Perhaps one day I would have the privilege to have tea and watch bird at your home balcony.

    As always .. Great pictures.. thanks for sharing ..

    looking forward to see more of your World.


  3. Missed another chance shooting Egrets with you Jan. Been thinking how I’m gonna face those Egrets with my low profile gears hehe. We end up “chopsticking” Japanese cuisine hahaha Although i missed it but still worth by looking at your Egrets picture….. great shots Jan.. could make it happen next time while drinking coffee and Tea O hehehe


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