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Ask and you shall receive. If you ask for something repeatedly chances are you will get it. Eventually. Fratini Restaurant is one of our favourite places for Italian food and for years we’ve eaten at their Kuala Belait outlet. So much so that we even have a slightly modified version of their delicious Caesar salad  in the menu that’s named after Jewel. Nothing like a bond between father and daughter over something so incredibly simple yet tasty salad (I personally do not recommend raw salmon to young children and yes, smoked salmon is raw salmon). Italian cuisine comes to the oil town in a small yet cozy 26-seater outlet.

I’ve had people ask me for the name of the ‘pizza’ we ordered that night. That round thin crust pizza-looking item in front of Jamie. I haven’t the slightest idea what it’s called but whatever it is, it is delicious. It may even be the same dough used in their mouth watering Italian crust pizzas but without the topping. Let’s just called it Pizza Lite (someone care to tell me its correct name?)

These basket of fries are Jamie’s favourite. I prefer crinkle cut ones.
He hasn’t come up with anything unique yet to have the fries named after him.

Guys, you’re completely excused for the small tear (scotch tape, anyone?).
We’re completely aware that doughs aren’t the same as spandex.

That large dough with a tiny hole ends up being an attention grabbin’ head turnin’ Italian thin crust pizza.I think it might even be my personal favorite—the Fratini Meat Lover!

I’ve always believed that it’s better to have a small restaurant that fills up easily than to have a spacious one that’s half filled most of the time. The Seria outlet is certainly one of those pocket sized eateries that packs more than what meets the eye.


    1. Interestingly, for someone who occasionally comes to Seria because you spend considerably amount of brain time in the UK, we sure share an uncanny sentiment of the restaurant’s proximity.


      1. haha it’s always good to see development in Seria – some time in the future, my time in Seria won’t be ‘occasional’ any more. coffee bean looks like an interesting addition, i should grab one when i visit over summer. 😉


  1. It also looks good for the restaurant, to be filled up. People tend to avoid empty restaurants and queue up for restaurants that are full.

    I think the name of the pizza is simply called…. Thin Crust Pizza!


    1. Thing is, it’s not a pizza as it has no toppings (referring to fourth picture from top). It’s delicious and slightly salty and looks oven baked but it isn’t done the same way (or the same amount of time as a regular pizza). Will see what the restaurant manager has to say.


  2. That’s focaccia 🙂 Very yummy dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar or smothered with anchovy paste. My mouth is watering just thinking of it!


    1. Dang! This one isn’t going to roll off the tongue well for many. Imagine the embarrassment of mispronouncing the f word when ordering one with a female waitress :O But yeah, very yummy indeed even when eaten without balsamic vinegar. Have not tried it with anchovy paste though as it’s already slightly salty.

      Rey Magallanes Jr., the branch manager, in his text reply said it’s called Focaccia Bianca. Me thinks Bianca is a better name to commit to memory.


  3. Crispy Thin PizZaaa crust…..never think about it, what come across my mind tonight is Chicken Kolomee at the Gadong properties, drop by check the latest post…this afternoon OMG…pizaa, cabonara, etc Italian food all over my mind…especially PIZZA thin crust… mouth watering. at last me and my wife ended Italian food…hehehe Great jobs Jan on those pics…. really connecting world though ur Photography….cheers


  4. what? what? what?? Fratini’s???
    Arrgghh… hhehehehe….
    I haven’t been to seria town for quite sometime.. except for OGDC and Billionth barrel.
    Love ur photos Jan…

    And also the coffee bean.

    Btw, How can u come to HQ without dropping by at my office? heheheh


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