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This is quite the surprise! No, I’m not referring to Brunei LNG’s achievements of which I’m extremely proud of but rather a publication of my aerial photographs  of the BLNG Lumut plant on the cover and Page 1 of its quarterly newsletter. May I also add, one that evidently puts photographic quality a priority (so long the source has the necessary image quality). Congratulations Haji Salleh Bostaman and Team BLNG for a job well done! This now joins my archive of published images and my second cover issue after BiG magazine’s July 2009 cover feature.

Managing Director/CEO of Brunei LNG, H Salleh Bostaman BH Zainal Abidin attributed the achievement to the staff hard work and dedication in ensuring continuous operational excellence particularly in the areas of safety, plant availability, plant reliability and cost management. The MD/CEO however stressed that Brunei LNG would need to be constantly improving to sustain itself as the most reliable and first choice supplier to customers and stakeholders. — BLNGema Newsletter Q3 2010

If you can’t get enough of aerial photography, check out An Eye Over Temburong

Brunei LNG Newsletter Quarter 3 2010 | BLNG is ranked Top Quartile Performing Organisation for the 4th time in the recent annual global benchmarking exercise with 8 other LNG plants, representing 70 percent of global LNG capacity. (click on image to view larger picture)

“The white bellied sea eagle is a frequent visitor to our loading jetty. We must play our part in ensuring that this sea eagle remains a familiar sight, now and for future generations.” Its appearance is as much a symbol as it is an indication of environmental sustainability and while I’ve not had a chance nor access to photograph one at BLNG, I had a Nat Geo moment with one in Langkawi.

Pictured here is a sea eagle with its catch in its claws, a popular 'sea eagles feeding' activity in Langkawi.


  1. You’re still surprised at being printed on the cover? I would think you’re used to it by now =)

    And I would have to agree with Mr. Leong, that last shot is killer. Congratz, Jan.


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