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Standard Chartered KL Virtual Marathon 2017 Pre-Race Preparation #Brunei

“This virtual race is brought to you by the official SCKLM and 42Race. You can now run anytime, anywhere, with anyone on 21 May 2017 to earn the exclusive Standard Chartered KL Virtual Marathon medal. First 1,999 Entries will be awarded with Free Running Bandana (worth S$9.90, posted with finisher medal).” —

You can forget about the free running bandana offer. At the time of this posting, 2078 runners have signed up for the virtual run. You can also forget about the Free Medal Engraving because the offer was valid till 16 Apr 2017. Good news is you can still register for the run which closes a minute before midnight 16th May 2017, and earn yourself an official SCKLM (Virtual) 5K, 10K, 21K or 42K Finisher Medal and Certificate. Head over to to sign up if you haven’t already done so.

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Here in Brunei, I have a small group of participants comprising of family members and friends that have registered for the half marathon distance and we’re going to accomplish the mission using the 21km route that I’ve mapped, taking us on a Padang Arena Seria to Panaga roundabout to Mumong roundabout loop with specific turns on the return leg as detailed on the map provided below.

Yesterday, on 23 April 2017, we had a route familiarization practice run to experience the route first hand and we had a great time and along the way learned a thing or two that morning about our route, parking venue, hydration needs among other little things such as sun protection. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us on 21 May regardless of whether you signed up for the race event or not.

Got up at 4.15am and was out the door by 5.15am to meet the boys for this morning's #SCKLM Virtual Marathon Half Marathon route familiarization run. Sure, we could easily have done this route thing just in a car and we would have accomplished that in 30 minutes or so but where's the fun and pain in that? Route mapping for 21km was spot on distance wise but choice of starting venue was an oversight. At 5.30am the entrance to OGDC car park was closed so chose Arena as Plan B. Fantastic weather (24 hours ago we were stormed out from 5am to 9am) but as soon as the sun came out it got hot — really hot! Couldn't imagine a full marathon distance in this heat. There's a time and day to go our separate pace and that's 21 May — race day! But today, we ran. we walked, we stayed together and no one got lost which was the whole idea of today's route familiarization exercise. Thanks guys for making Sunday morning awesome! #sunday #brunei #shimworld #running #runner #friends #seria #exercise #halfmarathon #hm #garmin #strava #runhappy #runsafe #buff #ultimatedirection #runwithud #lsd

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Three Shades of Tan

Three shades of tan from three separate runs while training for The Most Beautiful Thing 50K Ultra Trail Marathon the darkest of which a result of 8 hours under open sky covering a 40K distance between Agro Park and Bukit Shahbandar.

Not one to fancy reading manuals more than a few times, I hadn't realized you could get Elevation Gain numbers real time until many moons later when I discovered it by accident — Garmin calls it Total Ascent — when we were attempting 4 loops of KM4's 5km route. Discovering this earlier would have been a massive help when I was designing Sungai Liang's road and trail 21K and 30K training course for max elevation gain. I thought EG was only calculated after completion of activity). All's not lost and thankfully Garmin Fenix 3 lets you change Data Fields while logging an activity. Pictured here my last heat, weight and endurance training covering a 40K distance with an elevation gain of 1,216m. The route: Agro-McFarm-Shahbandar return x 2 loops at 10K each way. #brunei #garmin #trailrunning #runninggear #fitness #fenix3hr #gps #elevation #elevationgain #hike #runwithfight #omnifreeze #columbia #training #tmbt2016

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Our Bali Family Adventure Holidays

It was our first visit to Bali (many friends have been there countless times before us) and equally first experience with Balinese food. We did no homework about where to visit and neither did we consult friends on their recommendation of places we should visit. A friend had given me the contact of a driver (Adi) when he visited earlier for the Maybank Bali Marathon 2016 and Adi came highly recommended.

Essentially, Adi doubled as our guide the entire time we were still in Brunei. He proposed an four day itinerary for us to consider. Over the next forty eight hours, I filtered the places of interests through TripAdvisor, see what contributors had to say about their stay and experience and basically reworked the finally itinerary that way. Choice of accommodation was our own (recommended by a friend who had stayed there previously).

If you’re visiting Bali for the first time and have reached this page looking for ideas, our itinerary may be a good start to build yours. What did we think of Bali? We enjoyed our stay very much and hope to visit it again some day!

Accommodation: The Radiant Hotel & Spa (10 mins from airport)
Driver and guide: Adi Prayitna (+62 813-5310-5050)

28 Nov 2016
– Pura Tirta Empul Tampaksiring Temple
– Lunch: Batur Sari, Kintamani
(view of active volcano Mount Batur)
– Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud
– Dinner: Bubba Gump Kuta Bali

29 Nov 2016
– Bali Eco Tours Ubud (MTB road cycling)
– Lunch: Surya Rumah Makan Tampaksiring
– Dinner: Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant, Jimbaran

30 Nov 2016
– Wake Bali Adventure ATV
– Lunch: Warung Babi Guling Chandra
– Tanah Lot Bali Temple
– Dinner: Jamie’s Italian Bali Kuta

1 Dec 2016
– Bali Spirulina Farm
– Lunch: Made’s Warung Kuta
– Pandawa Marine Adventures (Marine Walk and Parasailing)
– Dinner: Lesica Resto & Kartel Resto