JAPAN | Spring 2007
This was my third visit to Japan and my previous trip has to be more than ten years ago although it might actually be closer to 15. What started as a holiday plan for my wife’s niece and her friends quickly escalated into a family retreat as soon as the word Japan came up. There were a number of reasons that we found the idea of going to Japan compelling – I love Japanese food, my wife and kids (they love Japanese food too) hadn’t been there.

Holiday In Japan Part 1 | Part 2 | Universal Studios Japan | Tokyo Disneyland

Japanese model in traditional kimono © Jan Shim Photography

Japan, a nation synonymous with traditional values and culture, merged with modernisation and high tech developments brings visitors a unified landscape of a highly accomplished society. Despite its high cost of living, Japan is a country that has so much to offer and if you’ve never been there, let me give you a taste of what to expect in the land of the rising sun!

SAMURAI Warrior © Jan Shim Photography

Welcome to my Japan Spring 2007 blog and photo gallery. If you’ve come here looking for a ideas for your next holiday destination, you’ve come to right place. Japan is like no other countries I’ve visited, and very little has changed since my last two visits (10-15 years ago). By that I mean its culture is built on such strong foundation of tradition, discipline and heritage. This is, of course, a good thing as I particularly like visiting places that are safe and predictable, much like our neighbour Singapore.

One thought on “JAPAN

  1. I see that you’ve yet to venture to the Euro Zone for some photography opportunities. I personally is looking forward to a journey to Lhasa and perhaps a short jaunt to PyongYang to see what I can capture in terms of photograhy. Overall I have enjoyed your pictures. Care to share what equipments you own and what you use most.



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